Sin’s Escapades

These are the escapades of one, Robert J. “Sin” McCartney. Some are old. . .some are new. However, they’re never crusty.

What follows are some of the fun things I like to do in life. That is. . .aside from the normal. OK, it’s a lot of the normal things. Just shut up and enjoy it!

These were taken some years back: from FL to MI. Obviously, it’s some of the finer things in life. . .especially, the latter pictures.

The Mario, Ghost Face, MSU, and Chair by the Fire were done with cans in which, I do believe that they were all donated to a local food pantry afterward.

If you wonder where I do my drinking, it’s Old Chicago, in Okemos, MI.

[Edit: Since I moved to Knoxville, TN. I don’t exactly have a place to call home to drink at. If you have a spot that’s pretty fun and worthy of our time of indulgence, drop it in the comments, or email me:]

These are just a portion of the many, many adventures I’ve had, and I will gladly share more with you.

Author: Sincados

Writer, gamer, foodie, brew enthusiast, and awesome dad. Also likes to make explosions…but not in any particular order.

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