Music That Inspires You

Continuing on with the next installment of Music That Inspires You, where I will be sharing five songs / artists that give me inspiration. . .or just the tingling sensation in your bits.

Let’s kick it off!

1. Metallica

Ah yes, Metallica. I am sure some would throw something at me for saying them, but c’mon. . . You can’t say you dislike them, even if you prefer their older, or newer, or whatever [personally, I like their older, but I do give a listen to their newer stuff].

Call of Ktulu, one of the best instrumentals by them. . .along with Orion.

2. Daft Punk

You honestly cannot go wrong with Daft Punk. Whether you dig their older material, or their new. I know, I know, most often people will argue that an artist nowadays is considered a sellout or what have you. You have to face it, folks. Just like everything else, we evolve. So does music, and so do people’s tastes in said matter.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger is probably one of the more recognized songs out there, next to Around the World, and of course, Lucky.

3. Flaw

Flaw. . .seriously such an underrated band. I had first found them when I had a demo disc from Official Playstation Magazine, way back in the day [2001, really]. It was Flaw, and Mushroomhead that premiered on it, and I was stoked.

Payback was definitely a good single, even by itself, off their Through the Eyes album, but really, the whole album was just awesome. I also liked their follow-up album, Endangered Species, even though not many did.

4. Infected Mushroom

Infected Mushroom. I mean, really what can I say? It’s a great group, and they do a helluva good job to make your foot tap to their music, if not make you move. Saeed does a good job with that. Great stuff.

5. The Misfits

The Misfits. I honestly don’t care if you’re a fan of the Danzig-era, or Post-Danzig, aka Graves-era. You just can’t go wrong with The Misfits.

Although, to be honest, I do like Graves more than Danzig, but that’s besides the point; different songs, different styles, etc.

Helena is probably one of the more well-known songs, Post-Danzig, along with Dig Up Her Bones. Whereas, Angelfuck, We are 138, and Attitude are some of the highlights of the Danzig-era.


That wraps it up for this edition of Music That Inspires You. Check back Friday for more! Until next time!

If there’s song or artist that inspires you, leave a comment!

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