Listening to Breaking Me Down by SOiL

I remember when I used this track for a. . .soundtrack if you will, for Fahrenheit 451 in my Sci-fi class in high school.

At the time I felt it was appropriate. Sadly, I got marked down a few points due to the use of the curse word “fuck.”

Meh. I still scored a 98. I loved my Mythology and Sci-fi classes. Fun times.

Compelling, straightforward, and a dash of anger. SOiL’s Breaking Me Down was a good little ditty for those “I don’t care” moments in life.

Listening to Breaking Me Down by SOiL

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2 thoughts on “Listening to Breaking Me Down by SOiL”

    1. Very nice. I know a few folks that like to do the music first, and then go back and do the lyrics, etc. Sometimes they just want to write it out sounding great, and then they’ll pencil the words after. I think it’s a good way to go about things, changes it up, versus the typical.

      Keep up the great work.

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