Sin’s Escapades

These are the escapades of one, Robert J. “Sin” McCartney. Some are old. . .some are new. However, they’re never crusty.


So, here are some sightings from around the area, and from my good friend, Chuck Star.


Warning: it may be dyslexia. . .or it’s just proof that US schools are too far gone. The rest? Well. . .that’s just random.

"Shop -Hear- Save BIG money - Menards post
Shopping at Menards and what do I see?


Calzone having a bloody mess.
It’s a bloody mess. A tomato bloody mess.


Calzone having its. . .period.
Calzone having its. . .period. Quick! Give me a napkin and some string! No string? Oh well.


A naughty slice of red pepper.
It’s a slice of red pepper. . .but I know what you’re thinking.


Blow up doll with shirt saying "Living the Dream."
From Chuck Star.


Yep. It’s true. All of it.


Until next time, who knows what may come. . .or who.


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