So, let me just put this out there. I really, really don’t care about arenas, or RBGS. There’s a lot of shenanigans that go with it [auto kick scripting, DDoS, exploits, etc.] and I really. . .don’t care. I haven’t PvP’d hardcore since vanilla, and the beginning of BC [Burning Crusade]. I don’t mind dying, if and when I do, because it’s a game, I don’t log on alts [or send a friend request to trash talk] and rage whisper folks. You’re supposed to have fun. Not get rabid, foaming, raging, etc. Nor do I claim to be a “rank 1 player,” or a “PvP superstar,” whatever it is the cool kids are calling it these days. Simple fact. If it’s red, it’s dead. Simple motto. Simple results. Lots of fun.

Anyway, with that bit aside. . .what follows is but a clip of some WPvP action in Frostfire Ridge. There’s still a lot to go through, and I saved some face for the one Druid that logged on his alts to rage to me about his alleged skill, and a supposed 1v5. . .right. . . There are some deaths of my comrades, and one that was AFK the entire time because he was making peanut butter cookies. That’s another tale though. Just think of it this way: peanut butter, plus a dog, equals? Have fun with that.

Now then. . .ON WITH THE SHOW!


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