Ladies and gentlemen. . . Let’s get ready to [overly elongated] nom!

Welcome back for some more Foodcrafting! It’s morning for me, but really, it doesn’t matter what time it is for a good meal.

Go ahead. Play that Bagel Bites song. 😉


Tri-peppers, sausage, and chicken
Tri-peppers, sausage, and chicken.


First up, we have tri-peppers with Italian sausage, and chicken in a peppernata sauce. The sauce gives it a nice kick, and there’s plenty of meat [for you carnivores out there].


Tri-peppers, sausage, and chicken mixed in peppernata sauce, bedded with some angel hair pasta
Tri-peppers, sausage, and chicken mixed in peppernata sauce, bedded with some thin spaghetti pasta


This is the end result here. . . You take the above skillet, smother it in the pasta and just work it. . .very, very, very thoroughly. The result is a delicious pasta dish with a nice subtle kick (granted, I like hot things anyway), filling, and it’s great as leftovers. Preferably, you go with angel hair pasta, but thin spaghetti works alright too.

I reckon I need to make it again. . .and soon.


Side salad with raspberries, apple, and raspberry vinegarrete, loaded garlic mashed potatoes, and a 6 oz sirloin.
Side salad with raspberries, apple, and raspberry vinaigrette, loaded garlic mashed potatoes, and a 6 oz. sirloin.


Most of the time, when I handle the meat. . .because I typically do. . .I like to go for medium, medium rare, or the very extreme. . .medium well. Too many places I ask to have my meat cooked to medium, or so on, and I get well done. If you can’t cook a piece of meat to order, don’t do it. It’s not hard to guestimate!


Anyway, this is just a simple dish that kind of speaks for itself. This one pictured, isn’t mine. . . because mine was still “leaking,” and had some other stuff to go with it. Anywho, it’s a 6 oz. sirloin, loaded garlic mashed potatoes, and a mixed leaf salad with apple and raspberries, and raspberry vinaigrette. One of the few. . .healthier salads I’ve made, it was quite refreshing. I mean, my mouth hated it, because I love everything that’s horrible for you, but I enjoyed it.




An oldie but a goodie—Chicken Parmigiana! For awhile, I had dubbed Thursday as “Chicken Parm Thursday.” I’d get Smart Chicken (good stuff if you can get it), crumbs or Panko, add my own seasonings, broil the chicken, and bed the chicken with some lovely sauce. Result? Juicy, tasty chicken that is just fork tender and makes your loins ache. Oh, and there’s angel hair pasta that boiled in garlic infused water. . .but that’s not the point.


I hope you enjoyed a helping of Today’s Foodcrafting! Check back often for more of this, and other shenanigans! I’m going to the fridge!


Hungry? Me too! Share your favorite dishes, and / or recipes in the comments below!

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