Predict This!

Welcome back for another edition of Predict This! I will be pressing random predictive text buttons on my phone.

What follows is the result. . .brace yourselves.

To the guy who played the game. I will make you feel like you’re going to absolutely cry. Unfortunately, I am not sure if I have any sandpaper. I could use a cheese grater. You will see. You will Suffer. You will want to die.

Tell me, Sammy. What do you really feel like? Why are you so angry? This is a safe place. Anyway, until next time, that’s all for this edition of Predict This!


Feel free to share your predictive text snippets in the comments! 

Predict This! is an ongoing predictive text inspired series by Robert J. S. T. McCartney at A.B.Normal Publishing.

Author: Sincados

Writer, gamer, foodie, brew enthusiast, and awesome dad. Also likes to make explosions…but not in any particular order.

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