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Another Wednesday, another round of being in the middle of the week. We’re making headway through the new year alright, but that’s not what’s important. Welcome back for today’s Music That Inspires You. Get your morning drink of choice, and get ready for the day! It’s about to go off.

1. Powerman 5000

Powerman 5000, or often referred to as PM5K, is one of those relics of yesteryear—not that old [to me anyways], and Sci-fi Rock. With some heavily creative, descriptive lyrics, good sound, and plus, it was Rob Zombie’s brother [some big shoes to fill there].

If you wanted to be inspired about Science fiction, or a Tokyo vigilante that slaughtered people. . .well, PM5K would be for you. To date, I still love Tonight the Stars Revolt! and even some of their newer material. I guess, when you’re a nerd or whatever label you’d take on, you still appreciate the fight for staying alive, despite being called washed up, and other shenanigans.

2. Something Corporate

Something Corporate is a nice little gem, and this song is one in a million. You can’t go wrong with them. There’s a superior continuity to their material, and everything is pretty damn good. Not many have heard of them, which, while true, shouldn’t discourage you from finding new things / sounds. I recommend it. Especially, if you’re looking to do a romantic piece, or romantic comedy. . .something along those lines.

3. 16 Volt

16 Volt was one of those interesting bands I found in my younger days; just happened to also be when I was gaming. . .Noticing a trend yet? Found on the Playstation 2 game Primal, the band supplied music for fights, exploration, etc. It was a pretty big thing. I liked the sound, the music, everything. . . Needless to say, I became a fan. Good for motivating characters to slaughter helpless saps, or just to get you psyched up for writing that battle scene with hungry beasts  fighting in a free for all. . .or whatever.

4. From First to Last

From First to Last. . .I still have the CD I first listened to them—Punk-O-Rama Vol. 9, track 2. There are a lot of great songs, and bands, on that disc. This one was one of the more edgy bits. Also great for dismembering, slaughtering, and just giving you a horror vibe. It gave me that Misfits feel, but without Danzig, or Graves. Good stuff. Although, I don’t care for the end [which is a tad repetitive], I can get past it and move along.

5. Moby

I don’t care what folks say about Moby. He produces some amazing material, and one of those amazing bits, is this cover of Mission of Burma. Seriously. Yes, yes, there are other songs I could have chosen, but how many actually know this, or would want to even care to know this? Well, now you care, and you now know.

Well, folks, that about does it! This closes this edition of Music That Inspires You. Check back Friday for more! Until next time!

If there’s song or artist that inspires you, leave a comment!

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