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Road trips. They can be fun and a learning experience, a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. They can also be disastrous—like driving off a bridge, or shooting the tires off a semi—hell, you could even vault out the window and commandeer a semi. . .

Whatever the case for your road trip, music is a grand [and vital] part of any trip. Well, at least in my opinion. . .some could / would probably disagree, but we’re not going to go there—for now.

It’s Friday. I’m wearing my sunglasses at night. I don’t have cigarettes. I have a full tank of gas, and we’re about a hundred miles out from a LAN party. We’re on a mission from God.





1. Beastie Boys


What’s a road trip [whether Intergalactic*, around the world, or cross country] without some Beastie Boys? Most folks should remember this trio from the beloved 80’s and so on. Even if you caught them on Futurama as heads in jars, they were some serious powerhouse entertainers. Alas, without MCA, there is no more Beastie Boys, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them.


[*Do you see what I did there? Ha! If you don’t. . .it’s a well known Beastie Boys song.]



2. Dead or Alive

Ah, Dead or Alive [aka DoA]. Of course, a lot of people will go “It’s the Meatspin song!” No. . .bad! BAD! It’s a great song, with a great sound. With only a few chart toppers, DoA was almost [note, almost. . .] a one hit wonder. Fortunately, they were not, and produced several albums. I can’t say that I’ve listend to them all, because that’d be a lie, but the few that I have, pretty decent. This still takes the cake though for all-time favorite DoA song.

It’s a shame that the band is dissolved nowadays, but it happens. Thanks for the music guys. It’s on my playlist of listening on a drive.

[P.S. Crank that bass up.]



3. A Flock of Seagulls

AFOS, or A Flock of Seagulls, or even just. . .Flock of Seagulls. Despite how some folks may label them as a one hit wonder band, they’re definitely not such, and actually have a lot more credited to them than you’d know. Of course, a lot of people will have their memories rekindled due to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, but that’s just icing on the cake.

It was the 80’s, a loving time full of synthesizers, Europop, big hair, flashy clothes, and plenty of good times. You really can’t help but sing along. Now, now, don’t say you can’t. . .



4. Fine Young Cannibals

Fine Young Cannibals is an interesting lot. Well, I suppose by interesting, I mean Roland Gift. The man has a gift alright. He’s a helluva vocalist. I also appreciate She Drives Me Crazy, and Good Thing, probably the two most prominent singles by them. There also is a Elvis Presley, and a Cole Porter cover as well.

Short lived, but not forgotten. Some impression lasting tunes to make you sing along.



5. Gary Numan


Gary Numan. . .he’s a strange one, but he’s likable. So likable, he’s got a massive following that makes me seem small. Well, thanks, Gary. He never was just a lone wolf. . .no, he actually used to be lead vocals for Tubeway Army, but he ended up going solo, and well, the rest is history.

Most folks will know him for Cars, but guess what? He also had another hit. Are ‘Friends’ Electric? He is also quite savvy with creating those edgy synthesizers via guitar pedals. Really. . .he’s just a boss.

Besides. . .what is more appropriate than driving along, in a car, whilst listening to Cars? I suppose listening to The Cars, but. . .yeah, it is appropriate.



That wraps it up for this edition of Music That Inspires You. Check back next week for more good times [let them roll!]! Until next time!

If there’s song or artist that inspires you, leave a comment!



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