Food. It can be good, it can be bad. It can be sweet, tart, alluring, and even repulsive [to some cultures of the world].

It’s essential in our survival, along with water. . .and sleep. But enough of that nonsense, we’re here to enjoy it!

Go away cloud! We’re hungry for some noms!


Homemade KFC bowl. . .but better.
There’s golden chicken in that there bowl! I know it!


What we have here is a version, my version of some a KFC bowl. Although, it may not look much, it is. . .was. . .an orgasm in your mouth. Unless of course, you don’t like your food touching each other [snicker].

It’s pretty easy to make, and requires little effort. Of course, that’s typically what fast food is—effortless. It’s made to be quick and easy, because we’re on the go, go, go, go, go, and we need something to eat [or drink] because that’s how we’ve evolved. . .thanks to the Man.


KFC Bowl making. . .in the making.
KFC Bowl making. . .in the making.


Anyway, you have your beef gravy [chicken works fine too], corn, chicken [lightly fried, broiled / baked, or grilled], cheese, and the best part. . .mashed potatoes! You mix it well and. . .


KFC Bowl mixed well. . .
“Hi! I’m delicious! Put me in your mouth!”


Voila! You get a bowl of mixed up goodness that just coats your mouth in awesomeness. I’d suggest going with fried, lightly fried, [or baked / broiled chicken for the extra tenderness] for a good crisp. Your chicken may get a little. . .erm. . .wet. . .from being in that gravy bath. However, that’s only if you mix it in a big batch. If you dish it out and make it sparingly, or have it as a dish for lunch and maybe dinner. . . You’ll be fine.

That’s all for today’s edition of Foodcrafting! Until then, keep cookin’, grillin’, bakin’, or even just eatin’. Be you! Be happy! Share your fun takes on food, pics, or dirty recipes of food porn.


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