Music That Inspires You

It’s a blue Monday. If you haven’t heard the news today, David Bowie passed away after his bout with cancer. It’s a sad day for all, and for music. It is truly a mighty blow, but we must keep our heads high, our ears tuned, and our minds open; for it’s just one step of a marvelous journey in life.

Today, to celebrate the life of David Bowie, I am dedicating this edition of Music That Inspires You. There will be no numbers, because each song was—no. . .is. . .unique, and cannot be labeled as such. Enjoy.



Let’s Dance


The Man Who Sold The World


Rebel, Rebel


Space Oddity






Magic Dance


Life on Mars?


Ashes to Ashes




Under Pressure


A fitting way to close out, I believe. . . Mr. Fahrenheit and Ziggy Stardust, together.


Rest in peace, Bowie. We’re ever so thankful of your musical and artistry genius.

Author: Sincados

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