Music That Inspires You

It’s another Wednesday, and I am hellbent on making it a great list. Of course, each list is great. . .therefore, I have accomplished that no matter what. Regardless, here’s a “make you feel good, etc.” set list to make your day. Happy Hump Day, folks.

1. Jamiroquai

I remember when I first heard Jamiroquai and saw this video. I was like, “Wow! Look at that hat. . .” and “Holy crap! The room’s moving!” It was such simple times. . . I’ve always liked the song, and that bass. That bass was poppin’! Needless to say, I was hooked and I have been ever since. I used to love playing Canned Heat during my 3rd shift at Wal-mart, along with my very well-rounded playlist. You had to keep those feet moving!

2. Blind Melon

You don’t have to be a hippie to love some Blind Melon—in which, there’s nothing wrong with being a hippie anyway. Sadly, I do think Blind Melon had a lot more potential with Hoon, but alas, some stars burn out faster than others. We can still enjoy this [in my opinion] feel good ditty and sing along.

3. Oasis

Oh, Oasis. . . Your pair of warring brothers of the 90’s! I remember I instantly loved this song, along with Wonderwall, and so played [and sang] it to a girl in the years young youth. It never got me anywhere, not that it mattered, but it was an interesting time. Contrary to the brothers, I was not getting high, but I was definitely enjoying their music and trying to keep some emotions suppressed.

4. Outkast

A blast from the past with Outkast! An epic collaborative duo, with an impressive musical selection and continued expanse of broadening their musical prowess / style. You can find one favorite, and then find another. . .it’s like finding a piece of candy over and over. . .Kind of like James Woods in Family Guy.

5. The Verve

This should be a favorite for everyone. Hands down one of the best songs. Ever.

Yes, that is being bias, but you can’t emphasize the name of the track and not be in that borderline mix of “Fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you,” while being so damn down in the dumps / wanting to cry about all the shit that goes on [or has gone on] in life. . .or you’re just plain fucking tired of wearing your heart on your sleeve and getting rejected all the damn time. Oh the days of giving one too many fucks. . . [sigh]

You want to mimic Ashcroft’s walk and just plow through people without a single fuck given. The Verve was awesome. . .and I do hope they reform some time in the future. Good talent, good work, good group.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must level a crowd. . .like a wrecking ball!

Well, folks, that about does it! This closes this edition of Music That Inspires You. Check back Friday for more! Until next time!

If there’s song or artist that inspires you, leave a comment!

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