The Last Taco

Note: my friends and I were discussing all things apocalyptic, which led me to saying that tacos are also apocalyptic. No, we weren’t drunk The whole point [at least for me] is to destroy everything. Anyway, without further ado. . .The Last Taco.


Tacos are apocalyptic. The shell is the fragile remnants of mankind leftover. The meat is the reminder of religions and ideals being forced down everyone’s throat. The tomatoes are the blood that was spilled. The lettuce is the cash [and greed] that fueled the war machine. The refried beans are the people whose lives were (are) destroyed. And the sour cream is the hope of a sweet, sweet merciful death. Alternatively, hot sauce is the hell we all live in.

But fuck it. I’m eating this taco.


There you have it. Tacos are all about the apocalypse.

Yes, they could also mean several other things. I know.

Author: Sincados

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