Greetings and salutations, traveler!

It’s been a little while since the latest update of some slaying, hasn’t it? Well fear not. . .although I have been busy with other things, and things that are plentiful for me to do, I have something for you!

I’m playing around with my video recorder some more, since it seems like it’ll get choppy. . .and for that I apologize. Bear with me. No. Really. Bear with me. Do it. 😉

Anyway, with the new season of Diablo 3 being pretty fresh off the stamper, most are playing that or just taking a break from WoW all together. Which I mean, it happens, we get burnt out from the same content over. . .and over. . .and over. Honestly though, there’s still a lot to do on WoW, but for now, I am just smashing my face on D3.

So, without further ado, here’s a clip I hope you’ll enjoy. It’s another part that continues on with my one session that was recently posted on here.



Don’t worry, there is more to come, and to people’s delight. . .and sanitary reasons, a towel will be included.

Until next time! Check back soon!

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