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So as promised. . .I thought we’d change things up and bring “the strange” out of the bag. Now, I know what some may say, “Dubstep isn’t strange,” or something along those lines. Well, to the general population. . .yes. . .yes it is. Not many are fond of it, and that’s OK. It’s just different. . .like all of us. . .we’re different. Like other things in life, some things are pleasing to us, while other things are not. What do we typically those things that are outside of our normal range? Strange. It’s not going to be all about Dubstep though. There’s plenty out there that can be classified as strange.

So, let’s get right to it! Scotty. . .drop it like it’s hot.



16bit – Dinosaurs


Honestly, if were high off  my rocker [which, I am not] this video would probably be trippy as all hell. I’m not high and it is still trippy as all hell. It’s intense. It’s called Dinosaurs. RAWR!



Joker – Old Era



Not quite sure if the track was meant for the video, or vice versa. Either way it’s intense.



Sleep Party People – I’m Not Human At All


Eerie and memorable. . . I listened to this track some years back and thought, “wow. . .” The track itself is pleasing, but it also helps stir the emotions, and makes you think on things.



Shpongle – Brain in a Fish Tank


It’s a brain. . .in a fish tank. If a brain, were indeed, in a fish tank. Solid in every way possible, and Museum of Consciousness is a solid album too. Check it out.



Space Buddha – Mental Hotline


Just listen to it. . .and have fun.



That wraps it up for this edition of Music That Inspires You. Check back Wednesday for more goodies!

Got a song you like and want to share? Drop it in the comments!

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