Music That Inspires You

Continuing on with our trip into strange places! We are going to be experiencing some things traditional folks may not like. If you’re reading this: you’ve been warned. Although, if you are brave, and open to new things. . .then stay awhile, and listen. We’re going in, Captain!



Zomboy – Bad Intentions


Pretty self-explanatory here. If you listen—or rather are listening to this—you can note the bits towards Horror. . .since it’s a wonderful genre. Check it out.



Delta Heavy – Hold Me


Ah, right in the feels if anyone’s ever seen their cat get run over, and you wanted to carry out vengeance against your fallen feline friend. I know I have. . .many a time. Alas, I was a child, and was unable to carry out a murderous spree. . .or vandalism. Curses!

Video aside, it’s a pretty good track—WITH LASERS!



Praxis – Worship


Praxis is one of those super wonder groups. . . It’s an experimental we’re-gonna-do-what-ever-the-fuck-we-want kind of deal group, and I like it. Sadly, they’re no longer formed, but who knows. . .maybe they’ll all get back together for another shindig. One can only hope. By the way. . .if you play this song on repeat, it flows flawlessly. 😉



Xilent – Boss Wave


8-bit, 16-bit. . .all them lovely old school game sounds. . . What’s not to love? You’ve got your boss—check. Baddies—check. Power ups—check. Power suit—check. Yeah. . .I know where this is going. . . You’ll find out on Friday. 😉



Epigram – I’m Sorry, I’m Lost


Taking it slow. . .taking it low. Let’s settle down, and just chill—get lost in yourselves, thoughts, and so on. It’s packing emotion, and wonderfully played instruments. I quite enjoyed this one.



I hope you enjoyed the mix up of today’s songs, and hopefully, you’ve found something new to enjoy! If not. . .don’t worry. . . WE’RE NOT FINISHED YET!

Got a song and/or artist you like, and want to share? Drop it in the comments!

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