Why Help Build a Publishing Company?

If some folks are wondering about why it’s a great to start your own publishing company, this post here, is a great look in to those reasonings. It’s one of the many, and one I share my sentiments, and agree with.

I, too, love to write and am working on several novels, and soon, getting back to resuming the updates I do need to do. [Once I finish unpacking and getting everything done.]

It’s a great era, this revolutionized way of publishing and really can get better from here on out.

On behalf of myself here at A.B.Normal Publishing, I look forward to watching Endever Publishing Studios grow, and also watching for other writers turn publishers, join in the collaborative effort of changing the writing industry.

Author: Sincados

Writer, gamer, foodie, brew enthusiast, and awesome dad. Also likes to make explosions...but not in any particular order.

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