Some Changes. . .

I’ve done a few changes to the site. It may not appear obvious to your eyes. . .but it’s there.

So what exactly was it that was done? Well, I trimmed up the menus, condensed them to more appropriate destinations, and well. . .I think it looks better. It’s not a massive cluster where you need to eye everything. So I hope that you enjoy it [as well as your eyes].

I also am going to be throwing down some outlines for a few stories later on. Whether they’re destined to be short stories or novels. . .well. . .that remains to be seen. I’ve had more ideas for novels than I have for short stories lately, which is a bit of a problem because there’s just so damn many I want to do. . .and there is only one person [hi, that’s me] to do them all. Not a problem, really, it just means I need to dedicate a weekend or whatever to churn them out. I have done a few in weekend with time to spare, so there really is no excuse. Preference in spreading them all out I suppose versus dashing through them like some over-hyped action flick. In any case, there are a lot of things for me to do, and I hope to share them with you all soon. Even if that’s about a hundred or so people.

Author: Sincados

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