Predict This!

Welcome back for another edition of Predict This! My phone wanted to do a piece all on its own, so. . .yeah. Take it away, “Sammy!”

Sometimes I want to sleep through the alarm. To just hide myself in a drawer and be forgotten, at least for a day. I do dislike being relied upon. Maybe, I could just hide my charger. . .or be left on silent. . .or turned off.

I agree, Sammy. I’d like to sleep in too. However, there is much to do; consisting from nothing, to making dinner, to bathing the kiddies, and tucking them in bed. No task is irrelevant nor insignificant. You’re needed after all, because there is much work to do, and you’re my little instrument of Swiss Army knife capabilities. Plus your damn battery just died on me. Frickin’ electricity vampire. . .

Picture of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
This is “Sammy.” Don’t mind him. He’s just charging up. . .


Oh, in case you didn’t catch on that Sammy is for Samsung. . .well, now you know. Cue the rainbow!


Join in on the fun! Open up your phone’s messenger or text app, and play with your predictive text, and share it here!

Predict This! is an ongoing predictive text inspired series by Robert J. S. T. McCartney at A.B.Normal Publishing.

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