Looking to Churn. . .

A brief update on things coming, and a hint at the new series that keeps censoring itself. Also Happy Thursday! You’ve survived another day! Yay! Let’s make it to another work week!

And by churn, I mean I am going to be posting a few lovely things this week. I aim to have them up no later than Saturday, but if that doesn’t happen..Sunday night.

[churn that butter!]

I have a new post for Bob and The Bear God coming! I am also penning a new series that is called *censored.*

Wait, what? It’s not called censored… It’s called, *censored.* What the hell! *censored!* *CENSORED!*

Apparently, it doesn’t want to be shown. It’s going to be a fun ride, though! And no, I do not have a profanity filter on, and nor do you. It’s just the mind doing nasty things. Nasty, nasty things, and not even in a good way…kind…of things.

Some more stuff is going up on my author site as well. I am doing another short story that I hope folks will enjoy. If not, well, I dunno what to tell you. No harm, no foul?

As I said before, I am also going to be implementing some other new things on the sites. So, please stay tuned!

Happy Thursday to all, and to all a good morning. You’ve survived another day! Woot!



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