A Review of Warcraft: The Beginning of Something Good.

On his latest adventure, he goes to see Warcraft as an IMAX 3D viewing experience. He gets wowed, he conjures up popcorn and soda, and he doesn’t get 80 yr. Old ass syndrome.

Final verdict:

3.5 Stars
Would like to have a sequel.

The new Warcraft movie dropped recently, and while I know some of you may have had a slight chuckle at that opening, it is by no means a jab at the movie.

I could sit here and go through other critic’s harsh reviews of Warcraft and tear them apart because they are extremely one-sided and, well, Hollywood just hates video game adaptations in general. However, this is just my opinion…just like there’s, just like anyone else’s. Also, you can’t please everyone.

Off the bat, I will say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It wowed me. It entertained me, and I found it a lot better than what I was expecting. That’s not me being biased; that’s just me being honest. Let me go into further detail.

Yes, if you know the story behind Warcraft from the RTS game and lore, it’s easy to understand, follow, etc. If you’re new coming into the franchise, you may feel out of place. However, it is quick and easy to get into and follow along, see who’s who, and know that Gul’dan is an evil son of a bitch. Cool but an evil son of a bitch.

Well, you should know that to me; Medivh reminded me of Jesus. Much like Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi reminds people and that meme that’s going around.

Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi...aka Jedi Jesus
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Critic’s pointed out that the interaction between CGI Orcs and the Humans was “wooden,” or “out of place.” I thought it was done as good as it could be with how the Orcs are, especially that this was the embodiment of Warcraft: Orcs vs. Humans. The CGI and given interaction was pretty good. I won’t say it was perfect, by all means it wasn’t. But nothing ever is.

Note: this is Warcraft, not Lord of the Rings, people. These are two completely different stories. So, please stop comparing them. The Orcs are vastly different.

The one thing that I did notice was that…that was not Medivh. What do I mean? Well, you should know that to me; Medivh reminded me of Jesus. Much like Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi reminds people and that meme that’s going around. The longer hair version at least.

Ben Foster as Medivh. Photo from Warcraft poster via Twitter.
Ben Foster as Medivh. Photo from Warcraft poster via Twitter.

I liked the characters. However, it may also be because I knew their background and so on. So it may not have had as much of a diminishing factor in my viewing experience.

Ah, speaking of the viewing experience, I’d suggest seeing it in 2D IMAX or just 2D. The 3D didn’t do much for me and at times, it was blurry or just out of place.

Was Warcraft made for the fans of the franchise? Yes. Was it made available for others to jump in and enjoy, yes and no. Yes, because you do get the idea of the sharp end of the sword goes in the bad guy. No, because Medivh is struggling with—ah, spoilers for the next movie. Oh, and the orc baby will play an enormous significance later on.

Yeah, there’s just a lot that folks who know the franchise know, love, and of course, nitpicked in the movie. But this is an expanded universe, another medium of where the story is being told. DC and Marvel have comic books; Blizzard has video games. Both are making movie adaptations of their work.

Did Blizzard kill it? I would say that for a first attempt at this sort of grand scale movie, it was a hit. A hit to mid-field, worth a two, maximum three base run. I am interested in seeing how well the second one will pan out, if, in fact, it is released.

To me, it’s about what the audience will enjoy, and I do think it’ll be split 50/50. That even includes gamers of the franchise or those that played Warcraft: Orcs vs. Humans. It’s not for everyone. True. It’s rated T for Teen. Ironic actually, ha. Ah, some might not get it, and that’s OK.

Verdict: I was entertained, I felt like my money went to something worthwhile, my ass wasn’t completely numb, and I would like a sequel. Maybe they’ll get the kinks worked out, release that content patch (or expansion) and it’ll be a better movie than the first.

3.5 Stars — 7 /10

I believe it to be a better movie than the first TMNT (2014 reboot) movie and Fantastic 4 (2015 reboot). Though that may not be saying much, I don’t know.

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