It’s Coming… The Kickstarter Lingers

A brief update regarding the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle. Prices were adjusted and shipping costs configured…to the US, UK, EU, CA, and MX. The world is still open to getting in on the action. Details inside!

Hello, everyone!

I have been busy tinkering with values regarding the Kickstarter and making sure you get more bang for your buck. I also included the per cost in shipping. I reiterated on the Kickstarter that it’ll be open to the world as far as shipping goes. I will be using USPS Priority Flat Rate for your protection and mine. I included the estimated shipping costs for the US, UK, EU, MX, and CA. For those that do not live in the US, UK, EU, MX, CA fear not. I will collect your payment via PayPal after the campaign concludes and I get an accurate representation of your shipping costs.

Prices have plummeted on rewards and some tiers were taken out. I decided to again include the cost of printing a limited run of Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle (the max tier is now $500, compared to $1,000).

This brought the funding goal up to $6,500. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll make it but I hope to be surprised. If anything, I’ll just try again afterward.

That’s about it. I am drafting a new post for Johnny Nightwalker and rubbing dead skin off my arms due to sunburn from two weeks ago. Needless to say, I am anxious to see this project succeed, but I am poised for if it fails.

I wish everyone a good night and a great start to a new week.

Also, enjoy this pic I did (Cthulu image is from the original Cthulu for President in Poland).

Satirical Political Campaign Cthulu for US President
Vote for the Greater evil! Vote Cthulu! #VoteforCthulu2016 #VoteCthulu #VoteforCthulu

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