The Wasteland Bear God, Today’s Revisit. . .

A brief post where the Bear God will be appearing tomorrow instead of today because there is going to be a voice over. . .and voice overs are hot. Maybe.

So, I am trying to get over a cold. Man-flu engaged. Whatever.

I am looking to dress up the next post I am revisiting for the Wasteland Bear God with some. . .pants. Since it is a dialogue special, I thought I would voice it. So, I will be doing that later tonight for the hell of it.

Do I care if it is liked? No, not really. Do I care if it is liked? Again, no, not really. I am all about exploration and doing crazy things, so maybe, just maybe. . .I’ll like it. And that’s what matters.

So I invite you to come back tomorrow for a double-stuffed post. You might regret it. Who knows?

Until then,



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