Upcoming Changes and More.

A brief post about upcoming changes and more.

A few changes will be taking place in the coming days regarding the website.

Right now, Season Two for The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God is all wrapped up. This also will include the conclusion for Johnny Nightwalker.

There will be a continuation of other stories that will be released for free on the website and available in print shortly after that. I’m excited to unveil these as they happen.

The next chapter for The Lodestone Files will be available for free on the website for a limited time. This will be in its raw, uncut, original form.

Print books for The Lodestone Files and Abnormal Side Effects will be made readily available next year. This also includes part two of The Lodestone Files. A discounted box set will be available for when all the books are released.

We will have merchandise for Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle soon as well. There will be artwork and more coming soon for The Chronicles of Bob: The Chronic Suicidal and other titles next year.

Needless to say, it’s going to be an intense year. I wish you all a happy holiday and invite you to stay tuned.

Also Buckethead. Just because.


Recap of Last Week’s Posts [May 29 – June 5, 2016]

It’s that time again! Here is the weekly recap of what happened while you were away the week of May 29 – June 5, 2016, at A.B.Normal Publishing and Media Group, and others by Robert J. S. T. McCartney.

Greetings, A.B.Normal folks! I hope everyone is surviving through the week thus far, and as Loverboy sang it, “Everybody’s working for the weekend!”

Well, it’s Tuesday and that you know what that means! We’re rolling out with a brief recap of the posts you may (or may not) have missed!

On deck, we have new posts for The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God and The Chronicles of Bob: The Chronic Suicidal. Brand new posts will be published later this week.

If you didn’t catch the latest posts by Robert J. S. T. McCartney, here’s what you missed!

Here is a supplement update post on some other happenings with Rob’s trip to Nashville, TN for the Buckethead concert on 6/3 — “Great Things Happen in Twos.

Until next time, I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!


Great Things Happen in Twos.

Rob aka “Sin” goes on his latest tale of having seen Buckethead in Nashville, TN on 6/3. He was moist.


Exit/In’s Marquee


So, this weekend Buckethead was in Tennessee for some shows… I happened to go to the Nashville, TN showing on 6/3.

Honestly, if I had planned this out and life was pretty good and kind to me, I’d have gone to every showing while he was here (huge thanks to my wife for letting me go, though saying it isn’t enough). That’s alright though because there is a small glimmer of hope of perhaps one day seeing him and all his friends together. If that day ever came, I’d be signing up. Praxis. That would be some serious shit too.


The stage.


In any case, it was a fantastic show, and I will say that each show was unique in its way. I will say I am partial to Detroit’s show because I saw it with close friends. However, this one was unique in its way for those I met, (even though some folks, I didn’t get the chance to catch their names, or exchange info), and also for him to slap that bass this time…and his nunchucks. I always love meeting the fans too. I met some cool folks in Nashville. All ranging from some that have been following Buckethead for a long, long, long time now. To it being their first show, to even folks who were just coming into Bucketheadland [that is to say, discovering his music].


The venue was quaint too. I liked it. Exit/In was a pretty great place for this show. Everyone had a good time and rocked out together to Buckethead. What more could you ask for? How about hitting that killswitch and getting some toys? Yeah. Some life goals were achieved. Although, I find myself with an insatiable appetite for seeing the man with a bucket on his head playing to a crowd of great people more now. Yes, my friends, I have an addiction and the only cure is a prescription for more Buckethead. Let’s say it’s for therapy? Yes, lets.


Buckethead serenading us.


I have plans…plans for the souvenirs I’ve collected thus far, and well, I don’t want to spoil it too much. Let’s just say that it’s going to be awesome, and it’ll make you moist.

I hope to meet more fans of BH in the future and that we all get to enjoy more Buckethead goodness.

Until next time!


There, Before Us, Did There Stand a Guitar Thrashing God [Sin’s Trip to Detroit, MI]

Photos and a brief post on the Buckethead concert at The Majestic Theater in Detroit, MI on 4/26/2016.

No, really.

Buckethead at The Majestic Theater
And here he stands, Buckethead, from Bucketheadland. Look upon him and all his guitar thrashing glory!


The Majestic Theater
The Majestic Theater (Photo by Sancho)


Buckethead stares into your soul. . .
Buckethead stares into your soul. . . (Photo by Sancho)

So, on April 26, 2016, I got to see a fantastic spectacle that took place in Detroit, MI at the Majestic Theater. The doors opened up wide for the fans, that mind you, were wrapped around the block. Us, as a trio, dove right in with our tickets in hand. Well, two of us, since we don’t let Joe drink. It’s all for a good cause, and Sancho and I made up for our fair share of consumption. Buckethead took the stage at around 9:30 PM and we were all ready to rock.

Check out Giant Robot (from Giant Robo).
Check out Giant Robot (from Giant Robo).

Buckethead at The Majestic Theater

I’ve seen videos of his performances, and even then I was impressed beyond belief, but seeing it. . .seeing it before your very eyes is an entirely different sighting. To say the least, I was loving every minute of watching his hands play the hell out of his marvelous guitar.

There are few things in life that I ever get to say “I was there,” let alone be apart of. All the fans that were there, and one we met after the show (Tom, if you’re reading this buddy, you are one cool cat!). Seriously, it was like I knew a fair portion of folks there that were all about jamming out with Buckethead. It was an honor to rock out with you all, and I hope to see other fans at other settings.

It’s also great to see a musician perform live. Why? Well, it’s particularly important to me because, with the inspiration I draw from their work, let alone sense the emotions, blood, sweat, and so on that they pour in to their material. I mean, I listen to a lot of these guys probably far too much for the average fan. . .but don’t get me wrong, I am not super fan status, nor am I claiming so.

I still would have loved to see Primus last year (damn you, Joe) and, of course, see Morphine (with Sandman). That goes though with seeing a lot of other musicians that have touched me in ways (go ahead, you already thought of it. . .you dirty, dirty folk, you!) that just. . .ah, words cannot describe it. This time around, it was like going to see your hero or something along those lines and getting that reassurance that they are totally badass, awesome, and will totally melt your face off.

Last year didn’t disappoint either when I saw Death Cab for Cutie, which was an incredible show too, but that’s not what this is about.

I still plan to visit Boston and see The Vapors of Morphine, and would hope (and pray) that I am treated to see Laurie Sargent and Monique Ortiz around. I can dream, right? There are other reasons why I want to visit Boston, but they’re on the #1 slot as to why. Needless to say, there’s planning to be done.

It was a helluva night, and I am certainly going to cherish that memory with my friends (and all those fans).

Until next time! Rock on!

Mike aka “Sancho,” Rob aka “Sin,” and Joe


I Have Returned!

So after a great adventure (and back) of seeing Buckethead, and seeing the white (and yellow lines), in addition to seeing them while I sleep. . .I am back home and ready to share my spoils.

I have a lot to go through and transfer, so it’s gonna be a bit. Don’t worry though. It’s coming.



Also, Sammy is going to need to be replaced, because he’s developed the screen disease that’s spreading.

Musical Inspiration

So here we are. The first new Musical Inspiration from Tennessee! It’s been a bit delayed, yes, I will agree with that. However, things have been hectic and well, there’s no short of that whatsoever.

Today I kicked things off with a playlist I generated on my phone. It starts from the top to bottom. I know, a little strange. I planned it like so.

Musical Inspiration - Monday 10 Playlist for Monday's 10 Musical Inspiration - Monday 10 songs


Kicking it off is one of my favorite jams by The Deli Creeps – Time.

It’s a great song with some great vocals done by Maximum Bob and some hot guitar action from Buckethead. I know. My boner for Buckethead is strong. Get over it. I like his music.

Next up is Morphine with You Speak My Language.

I can’t. . .not sing along with this, or resist the urge to want to play along. It’s a good upbeat tune.

The Misfits – Where Eagles Dare

I like to play this when I encounter a fair-sized group of either a) mobs b) players and just decimate them. Why? Because I ain’t no goddamn son of a bitch [and it’s red].

The Hypnosonics – What “Jazz” Means to Me

There is a Morphine version as well that was done live. I concur that this is what Jazz means to me as well.

Praxis – Warcraft (Bruce Lee’s Black Hour of Chaos)

When I ran the addon Soundtrack back in the days of Burning Crusade [World of Warcraft] I used to have this song set to Nagrand. I remember there was a pit-fighter from both factions that were training. That and this is called Warcraft. . .in World of Warcraft. Suits it well, don’t you think?

Buckethead – Towel in the Kitchen

This is just another fun jam session that just fuels me up with some creativity. I get ideas from almost anything, and little ditties like these help with that. Again. Buckethead boner. My music library on my phone isn’t as large as the one on my computer. Go ahead and laugh with me.

Buckethead – Kansas Storm

Some times, I’d listen to this and just imagine on the road going through Kansas or any open road in a state. . .and witnessing a massive storm. Just a serene, tranquil storm whilst traveling through. It’s the little things.

Death Cube K – Maggot Dream

Death Cube K is Buckethead, just a different side of him. This is a lot more ambient and some intensely in-depth stuff. Maggot Dream is pretty much one of the best songs to just relax to, or think about all the things in life.

M. Ward – Sad, Sad Song

Some people give me shit for liking M. Ward but to those I say step off. You’re to enjoy the music, not squabble about it. I used to listen to this song a lot some years back, along with Vincent O’ Brien.

The Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion

A blast from the past! This is pretty much self-explanatory in all regards. This Corrosion gives massive amounts of inspiration and makes you sing along. . .and seek out some black leather, shades, and pierce your ears.

Well! That about wraps it up for this episode of Musical Inspiration. I’ll be posting another one soon. . .just don’t quote me on it. 😉

Until next time!


Music That Inspires You

It’s finally Friday! TGIF! The weekend is here! Also that means that it’s time to go see Deadpool. To everyone that is going out and seeing it tonight, rock on. I hope everyone has an enjoyable experience.

For now, let’s get the morning over with, so we can go out and enjoy the night!

[In case you missed Monday and Wednesday.]

Margret Garret and The Conjure Beat – Even Though You’re Gone (For Mark Sandman)

This is a great song dedicated to the late Mark Sandman. Props to the band, and thanks for creating a helluva piece.

Morphine – Shade & Shadow (I Know You Parts IV & V)

These are actually two songs by Morphine. One is called  Shade (I Know You Part IV) while the other is called Shadow (I Know You Part V). I ended up taking them and mixing them together one night in a span of about 10 – 20 minutes, and well. . .this was the result. I had bet, that eventually, the band would have released the two as one, since they were mirror images, and the sounds were the same.

Ben Gibbard – Bigger Than Love [Featuring Aimee Mann]

I found this while just clicking around some time ago, when there was an eclipse back in 2012, and Bill Nye was giving a speech about it [I was watching it via NASA’s site], and they played this. It struck a chord with me, and well. . .I enjoyed it needless to say.

It’s a song about F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Fitzgerald.

Evil Cowards – 500 Ways

This is a great tune. Some may disagree, and that’s fine, I can respect that. However, this 4:36 long song packs a wallop, and just gets you in a great mood. It’s just that kind of fun. Deal with it!

Rammstein – Adios [Goodbye]

Another great hit by Rammstein, and it’s a heavy hitter. I used to play this shit out of this song when I would be on my way to work, and whilst at work. That guitar thrashing gives you a rush. . .ah. . .

It’s a wonderful song with depressing lyrics. . .but hell. . .it is Goodbye.

Buckethead – Sketches of Spain [For Miles Davis]

I love this song, flat out. It’s dedicated to Miles Davis, and his Sketches of Spain.

Sweet – The Ballroom Blitz

Most folks should know this tune: from an episode of Regular Show, to a few movies, trailers, and well. . .it’s a classic. Nowadays, we have a split show of Sweet, but of course, not consisting of all the original band members. Great tune. . .fitting for tonight!

Damien Rice – 9 Crimes

This was the first song of Damien Rice’s I came across in 2009. I’ve been a fan ever since, and I love his music. I just love orchestra pieces, and am all about that classical music flair. Granted, he does more than piano, cello, clarinet, etc. I love the lyrics of this song, and the video definitely adds the touch of awesomeness to it.

That wraps it up for this edition of Music That Inspires You. Check back next week for another round of good tunes.

Got a song and/or artist you like, and want to share? Drop it in the comments!