The Return of a God

The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God returns this Fall with more entries and advancements to the overall story, plus the current arc.

Season Two will finish up, and then in Winter/Spring Season Three will debut.

Some characters will live. Some will die. Others may evolve, and others may become Mary-Sue characters because nothing within the universe quite makes sense.

All in all, it will be a fun adventure, and I look forward to sharing it with everyone.

If you’re new to the story and its concept, I recommend clicking the link above and getting a snack…or two…OK, maybe a few.


The Writing (R)Evolution: The Continuation of the Mashup

Action. Check.

Dystopian. Check.

Comedy. Check.

Raunchy. . .Sexy. Double-check.

It’s the mashup of mashups with The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God! Where we check out the writing revolution and evolution.

The Bear God and friends infiltrate a building to retrieve some hostages, find out what happened inside, and what the hell the FAP Virus is.

Hey, everyone.

Welcome back to another revolutionary, evolutionary writing visit to The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God. So, get pumped, get jacked, get soaked, because it’s about to get heavy and go off.

In Fallout, there was a virus that was used to help create the Super Mutants: the FEV Virus or Forced Evolutionary Virus. Imagine, combining that with some Resident Evil goodness. That sounds a bit interesting, right? Nothing like some gene splicing, zombie brain eating, T-Virus inhabitants visiting our beloved Wasteland.

Now, this arc isn’t as extravagant or flashy as the “Star Trek” one, but it is pretty damn entertaining. As the story progresses, characters will evolve more and more; physically, mentally, and become stronger. You could say they’re all secretly part Saiyan. Ha! But no, really, I make fun or do nods to almost everything but the kitchen sink. I suppose I can do one of those next. . .

Anyway, I am going to cut this short because I rather the story start explaining itself versus me jibber-jabbering.

Friday is our last Bear God episode for this week.

Until next time,


The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God Logo

The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God

Season One: Episode Twenty-Six

[Prepare for Genetically Modified Evil]

“Shh, not so loud.” Sin batted at the giddy Mirelurk. “Do you want them all to know we’re here?”

Ben cocked his head to the side. “Well, then we’d be able to kill them easily.”

The Bear God shook his head. “The whole point of this is to make sure the hostages, or whatever, don’t die. . . Remember?”

Ben sighed, “Yeah, I know. . .” He clacked his claws a few times, “I don’t really care about them though.”

“Ben. . .” The bear sighed, “sometimes I really don’t know about you.”

The Mirelurk bounced up and down, either in excitement, or just because he was ready to dismember something, anything.

The trio wandered further in, scanning rooms for anything that gave a hint of what exactly was going on. They came across a terminal in the lobby that glowed white and yellow. Its red letters blinked in a repetitive fashion. Apparently, there was a viral outbreak, and with it, a containment breach on the 20th floor.

“I bet I know where this is going. . .” The Bear God sighed as he went through the terminal, looking for information regarding the ordeal.

After a few moments, he found what he was looking for. “Okay, so they have the FEV virus. . .and. . .then there’s a FAP virus. Cute.”

“I bet whoever came up with that one got a huge pay raise.” Rubricon chuckled.

The big bear clicked through more and more files. “Mm probably, but they probably didn’t get to stay alive long enough to enjoy it. Says here that they tried to fashion a third virus strain that incorporated both strains, and one mystery virus, that was to be used upon the world. They had a vaccine made and ready for distribution, but of course, it never saw the light of day. It had a successful kill rate of 99.9%, reanimated the subject one minute after death, and evolved their DNA, bone structure, and. . .well, it cuts off the rest. By the looks of it though, there was a mind control or some manipulation that could be used. Leave it to the government to fabricate something to destroy its people and then raise them from the dead. . .just to take control of them.”

Rubricon grunted. “Meh. Politics. . .I rather not get into the fun debacle about them.”

Sin nodded. “Agreed. We press on and start making way towards the top.”

The trio began their ascent to the upper floors. They had come across only bodies and more bodies. Some were clean picked, while others had some sort of green residue. It almost seemed to have resembled slime. . .or rather. . .ectoplasm. Rubricon held up a femur that was severely gnawed on by something monstrous and examined it.

“So, what do you think?” The Bear God inquired.

“Something bigger than you, clearly,” Rubricon replied as he continued to examine the bone.

“No shit, Sherlock. I mean the green shit. What is it?” Sin retorted.

Rubricon held the bone close to his nose and sniffed it. “Ugh, good grief! That is rancid!” He dropped the bone and waved the air in front of his nose.

“Well yeah. . .what do you expect? It’s probably been here for Maker knows how long.” The bear grunted at the gagging rabbit-man.

The Maker’s voice echoed in their minds, “About 200 years or so. . .

The Bear God and the Maker began. . .bickering.

“You just like to spy on us. . .don’t you?”


“Don’t you have anything else better to do?”

“Nope, not really.”

“Not give us some hints? Help a brother out? You know. . .not be a dick?”

“Ha, if I did that then I wouldn’t have bothered with you, let alone what’s left of that world.”

“You’re an asshole of a god, aren’t you?”

“I don’t know about being an asshole. I mean, sure, I am, but I prefer being called. . .fair.”

“There’s no such thing as a fair asshole.  Maybe for gingers, but that’s pushing it.”

“Look, if you guys would just shut up and keep going, then maybe you would, you know, find more stuff. . .maybe clues. GASP! I know it’s such a shocking thing to do, thinking for yourselves. Maybe I shouldn’t have bothered giving you free will.” The Maker then sighed. “You have all this power, and you decide to be a cunt. . .to me! Pah, maybe I should just let Ben become the new god.”

Ben clacked and clattered his claws. “Oh, that would be quite lovely! I would destroy and smite in your name, oh great and powerful one.”

“Yeah. . .it’s not happening. I tasked the lot of ya, especially, you—Sin. . .to help rebuild the Wasteland. Not make it as a sandbox to live out your fantasies, and blow each other off. Now get back on track, or else I won’t tell you about Alpha-01 Crimson Wesker “The Tyrant” that was a part of the GMO Virus dubbed “Terminator Project”, that can raise people from the dead, even skeletons, and make an army of the living dead.”

The trio went silent.

“Well, I guess I got a little carried away there. Oh well. So, now that you know and the rest of the world does, maybe you can all get on your merry way and start showing off because I am getting bored observing you guys, but you’re the only thing on. So. . .” the Maker then sighed, “dammit.”

The three looked at one another.

“So, this thing’s like a lich, or whatever?” Rubricon asked aloud.

“Sort of. It’s really a fascinating story, I’ll tell you what—”

“Spare us, please. If you really want us to carry on here and you know, not be fucking boring. . .OH, GREAT ONE!” Sin interjected.

“I see. . . Well, did you ever stop to think that maybe. . .just maybe. . .baby. . .that the reader wanted to know?”

Sin sighed. “They will know. . .I am sure. Since you’re the one “writing” it all out anyway.”

“Ah, guilty as charged.The Maker chuckled. “Very well, get a move on then, kiddies!”

The trio started to wander past the slimy bone and head for the next stairwell when. . .

“Did you guys know that a pig has an orgasm for 30 minutes? 30 minutes! That’s like nutting for—”

Sin yelled, “Oh for shit sake!”


Check back Friday for the latest on this season’s Wasteland Bear God! With love, sugar, spice, and—screw it, I am tossing some “good stuff” in these brownies.

Wait. . . this thing’s still on?


The Recipe for Disaster: Rick Rolling and Intense Fighting Sequences

The Recipe for Disaster: Rick Rolling and Intense Fighting Sequences. A look at writing style, action scenes, and dialogue.

Salutations, readers, viewers, and otherwise.

We are continuing with the in-depth full body coverage (we’re talking ghost sheet coverage here) of the exhilarating rollercoaster that is The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God. It’s the behind the scenes bit, where you get to understand me (and The Maker) and find out exactly what in the hell I was thinking when I was doing this series. Think of it as commentary on steroids, PCP, with paprika, a lot of sweat, some O negative blood, heavy metal, spruced up with a bit of Jazz for some class, and THEN a few AA meetings, a concert at your favorite musician,(I don’t have the funding for that yet). . .

TL;DR, it is jacked up on Mountain Dew. It’s straight from the left field and I am a fan of left field comments, stories, and otherwise.

This entry I was feeling frisky and wanted to continue the exploration of using holotapes. As such, you have one of the many scribes recording the action. They provide their commentary, in addition, to the sequence(s) that are going on whilst recording.

So, what happens? Well, for one I always thought it would be entertaining as hell to kick the everloving shit out of someone; whether video game, movie or otherwise. . .to “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. I am also carrying on the parody of how some animes (I earlier mentioned how DBZ or Dragonball Z was notorious for this) would draw out the talking and lack of fighting. TeamFourStar did a great rendition with DBZ: Abridged. “Goddammit, Nappa!”

Note: It’s still great.

So, you have two people fighting, while one charges up to a super bear and lays the smackdown on a leather clad anthropomorphic rabbit. Some singing. Some celebration. Some raunchy quips. It’s a psychotic person’s wet dream. . .kind of. OK, anyone not sane. . .which I happen to be—so that’s alright!

I chose to mention world PvP or WPvP since it’s supposed to be two characters that existed during the days of World of Warcraft (WoW) and it’s now the days of Fallout. Gnomes and Goblins probably brought it about. . .ha.

In the end, it was a joyous experience, one that amused me and left me compelled to keep going with it. Tune in tomorrow for more commentary and evolution goodness.

Until then,


The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God Logo

The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God

Season One: Episode Eight

[A Victor Emerges]

[Holotape Two — Scribe Tartan recording]

“Before The Mighty Bear God, stood the mighty Rubricon. He was about four feet tall, with silver fur—soft, like silk, and radiant, like a newly polished piece of silver [spoon, silver spoon, OK?]. His eyes were bright blue, big, wide-eyed. He ears were straight up, and pointy—a tip was rigid, part of it was missing. He wore a singed brown leather duster, that was garnished with a makeshift necklace of teeth—the teeth of all those he had slain in his years of existence. He seemed to have a thing for leather. . .and black: leather pants, leather belt, leather boots, leather skullcap, leather chest—possibly a brazier [snickers] He was a freaking rabbit humanoid.”

“Go ahead. Ask him if he’s the Easter Bunny. . .or if he lays eggs.”

[Fact: Rabbits do not lay eggs.]

“Alright. So how do you want to go about this: RTS, all out, Final Fantasy, a dance-off, or what?” The Mighty Bear God aka Sin, inquired.

“We will settle this the. . .old way.” Rubricon grinned behind his buckteeth.

“What, WPvP? Really? You wanna do that?” Sin cocked his head slightly.

“Yes, and when you die, I will laugh uncontrollably, and plant my flag up your ass!” Rubricon’s eyes seemed to get lost in the fantasy. “I will not spit to lube it up either,” he continued with his stupid grin.

“Alright, it’s your funeral, bub. Just don’t go crying, claiming ‘HAX!’ or whatever.” Sin rolled his massive shoulders. “By the way, you’re going to be a skid mark,” he grinned maniacally.

“The adversaries of old and the Heroes of The Wasteland wagered their attacks before betting and going all in. They calculated each other’s weaknesses, their strengths—strategizing.?

“Of course, our faith is in our beloved Mighty Bear God, because he is a beast—a sexy beast.”

[There’s also the plot armor he’s wearing, but don’t tell that to Rubricon.]

“So, which of us should make the first move?” Sin yawned sleepily.

“If that is an invitation, then I suppose. . .” In a silver flash, Rubricon sprang forth—dashing for the Mighty Bear God’s throat with his rusty spear, “I WILL,” he bellowed.

[For what it’s worth, it’s a short spear. Like really short. Probably like four feet or so. He probably also has a small penis.]

The Mighty Bear God continued to yawn, unimpressed with his foe’s display of prowess. “Yeah, OK. I hate to break it to you, Rubi, but that’s pretty lame.” With a paw outstretched, he grabbed hold of the spear, and shook it like a baby rattle, bouncing Rubricon’s head off the ground.

Rubricon grunted as his head came into contact with the solid ground, rocks, and debris. “Y—you, bastard!”

“Yeah, yeah, tell me something I don’t know.” Sin remarked, again yawning.

“I will destroy you!” Rubricon let go of his spear, being flung up in the air. He tore his coat off and tossed it to the ground. He hunched over and groaned aloud as if constipated. . .or had to take a really big shit. Sparks of pure energy arced all over his rabbit-person. His eyes started to glow verdant. His hair started to go yellow. “Argh! ARRRRRGH!”

The Mighty Bear God yawned. “If I had known it was going to be this kind of a way we were gonna do this, I would’ve just walked away. Seriously, Rubri. Just. Give. It. Up.”

Rubricon—having finished his transformation—turned his raging gaze to The Wasteland Bear God, Sin.

[His person doubled in size. . .OK. . .mass. The little shit was seriously ripped now. He probably took steroids.]

“I WILL KILL YOU,” his monstrous voice boomed.

The Mighty Wasteland Bear God raised his left paw. On his wrist, he activated his Pip-Boy 3000 MK IV. A tune started playing aloud. The Mighty Bear God cleared his throat. . .

“We’re no strangers to love. You know the rules and so do I!” Such a harmonious tune escaped from the Bear God’s lips! He took a few steps towards his foe. “A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of.” With each step, the Bear God began to emanate such raw energy—such power! “You wouldn’t get this from any other guy. I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling. GOTTA MAKE YOU. . .UNDER. . .STAND!”

In a flash of white light, the Mighty Bear God glowed silver, with arcs of pure white energy that orbited him in an atomic fashion.

His flock all dropped to their knees [YEAH THEY DID!] and gave praise to their savior, lord, and master.

He looked up to where Rubricon hovered. Fear struck him, and The Mighty Bear God took note and decided to end this charade.

In an instant, he leaped into the air, appearing behind his nemesis. “Never gonna give you up,” he backhanded the rabbit-person to the ground. “Never gonna let you down,” he backhanded Rubri back high into the air. “Never gonna run around and desert you,” he kneed the rabbit man in the gut. “Never gonna make you cry,” he raised his mighty paws over his head—”never gonna say goodbye,” and with agility and prowess, brought his mighty gavel down, sending Rubricon to the ground—burning like a meteorite—through the atmosphere, and skidded on the earth’s surface.

The Mighty Bear God touched down on the ground and stared at the smoldering crater that gaped before him and his flock.

“Never gonna tell a lie. . .and hurt you.” With a heavy sigh, the energy dissipated, and he resumed to his normal mighty self.

Nothing stirred from the crater but dust, and the echoes of crumbling rock. The battle was over. He had won.

“Well, now that, that’s over with. . .what say you we go get some ice cream, minions?” The Mighty Bear God inquired to his cheering flock.

“Yes! That would be most lovely, your Lordship.”

[End Tape 2]


The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God — Season Two — Episode Two: That’s No Space Station

Space. The final, but not really final, frontier. These are the sentences from episode two of The Diary Wasteland Bear God. There’s more to come!

The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God LogoEpisode One: Parts One and Two

“There will be no mistakes this time.”

He said aloud, with the only audience being himself and the computer that listened obediently at his commands.

Blitzkrieg stared out the massive bay window that now looked upon the planet Earth. The moon base had been completed well ahead of schedule. As a “thanks” for their service, the remnants of The Toymaker’s forces were obliterated—discarded to the frigid void of space.

He grinned, his reflection mimicking in correspondence. He thought he was so clever. He had used his comrades, bided his time by rising the ranks, infiltrated The Toymaker, and seized control of the most powerful weapon ever made by mankind; more powerful than any nuclear weapon.

It was no mere moon anymore. It had been mined, artificial gravity implemented, terraformed and programmed for self-sustaining, complete recyclable materials, biodegradable waste, satellite TV, fiber optic internet, nukes from orbit, lasers, one gigantic laser, an open bar, buffet, and free Wi-Fi. It would be the instrument to usher in fear in the galaxy and would be the crowning achievement of mankind. None would be able to challenge him or this space stations capabilities.

Blitzkrieg was no fool. Unlike his predecessors and colleagues, he studied meticulously. He knew about the one-meter wide port that could destabilize the base, and cause it to blow up. As such, he had ordered the sealing of all holes that could, otherwise, be really bad news if it were to be sabotaged. Body scans, a wall, missiles, lasers, increased tariffs, bans and employing banhammer bots; these were just extra…precautions.

Yes, he would bring order and chaos to the galaxy, just as he always intended. Even if it made no logical sense in destroying worlds and ruling empty space. Logical fallacies. . .were some peoples’ strong suit. Regardless, he had plans. As such, he wanted to start by punishing the planet that birthed him a horrible past, and one unfaithful wretch that cheated on him with that asshole taxidermist named Daryl from New Georgia.

Blitzkrieg raised his voice, “Computer, set the laser to fire at Earth. Location, New Georgia.”

The computer paused, processing the request. “Acknowledged, Commander. Firing will commence in. . .three days.”

“What the?! Ugh, why does it have such a long charge time?” he facepalmed.

“Lack of human and, or, servants has made it harder for self-calculation, preparation, firing, etc. Commander.”

The console beeped, reading “one percent” on it. “I suppose I should manufacture some bots then. It is a new age, after all,” he grinned.

Yes, it was clear this time. Crystal clear.

“There will be no mistakes this time,” Blitzkrieg smiled to himself.


While Ben and the others all welcomed back the Bear God, a shiver ran up his spine. A disturbance that foreboded a very, very, very bad thing that was going to happen.


The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God — Season Two — Episode One: To Hell and Back… [Part Two]

The stagnant conclusion of the first episode of The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God. After cliche remarks and sexual proddings, the Bear God gets his Hentai Tentacle gig on. He also eats a sandwich and knows that you’re all super jealous. . .he loves it.

The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God Logo
Last time on The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God[Part One]

Despair sat in and doubt began to fill him wholly. What hope do I have?

Then, someone, he wasn’t expecting chimed in. “We’re looking for a way to get you back, Sin. Hold on!”


The Bear’s eyes opened and hope had renewed. Look for a summoning stone! Make a portal! Something! Just get me the hell out of here!

“No! I will not permit it! You will remain here, in your nightmare for all of eternity,” Diablo cried.

While the demons and Diablo were busy fighting the Bear God, more and more lesser demons were being converted into wraiths that served the Outer Gods. Some manifested into Faceless Ones and began spreading their whispers of madness; turning demons against one another. Soon, Diablo would take note of this and wage war against the space oddity.

“Fiend, you dare challenge the Lord of Hell in his own domain? You will pay for your act of aggression!”

“In the end, you will all serve the Outer Gods,” the tentacle-being spoke in a garbled tongue, but transmitted its voice to everyone’s mind.

Diablo roared in anger and waved his hand for all the demons to slay the space beast. They were turned into ash, while more were being converted to the maddening whispers.

The space oddity spoke its garbled tongue again. “You, Lord of Hell, will be the first to lead our new charge…our new crusade”

Diablo roared in anguish as tentacles dug into him and corrupted his being wholly. All the red in him diminished and he turned into an ashen vapor with flailing tentacles and raging eyes. The new figure snarled at the Bear God.

“What…the hell…is that?” asked the Bear God aloud.

Demons changed their focus to the new enemy that dared attack them in their realm. Thousands upon thousands soon would be converted, a world overrun. They were demons no more.

The dark figure spoke in a thunderous voice. “You call yourself a “god” and yet, here you are, powerless, alone, broken. Your friends cannot save you. Your precious Maker cannot save you. Accept your defeat and be assimilated by the Darkness.”

“Do you mean The Darkness? Like, are we going to start singing “I Believe in a Thing Called Love?” or do you mean Tim Curry’s Darkness? I am a fan of both but I’d like some clarification. Oh, but if you’re God’s sister then I guess I’d say that’d be pretty cool, too. She was pretty hot.” The Bear God rambled on a moment before being interrupted by a massive roar that shook the Demon realm.

“Such insolence. Then again, how fitting that a bumbling fool such as yourself would give themselves the label of “God.” You’ve created nothing; no life, nothing to bring a warrant to the lesser races to give a cause of worship. You’re just an overpowered, washed up, age-old Druid with nothing left except self-loathing and for that, I pity you. You’re just a meager, small being in the universe. The apple of another false “God” that does silly stories and passes them off as quality writing. You’re just a figment of someone’s horrible imagination.”

The shade smirked, expecting anger in retaliation.

The Bear God shrugged. “So, what?”

The wraith was surprised…maybe, it was hard to tell with all that black stuff—or mist—swirling about.

“Oh, you expected me to go all mighty and smite you? I’m not always gung-ho about the violence bit you know. It’s fun and pretty entertaining at times, don’t get me wrong. I like a fight just like any other Saiyan, but, uh, I think that we could spend an entire season or so discussing political, science, religion, and other views. That’s not what I am about. I am about fun, and frankly, I don’t give a damn about the Maker’s writing or storytelling. Because I got some news for you, sugar tits. You’re written in the story, too. So, you just degraded yourself. Good job.”

“ENOUGH! I tire of your long-winded remarks. If you will not join us, then you can just die,” the shade hissed angrily.

“Summons incoming!” A familiar voice echoed.

The Bear God began to dematerialize before all the angry shades. “Maybe I’ll see you guys on Valentine’s Day,” the Bear God added, winking.

“No! After him!” the former Lord of Hell roared.


Before Rubricon and the others there formed the magnificent bastard that was The Bear God.

“You’re back!” Ben patted Sin on the back.

The giant bear looked at all those around him. “Thank you, all of you,” he said with a heavy sigh, “I am tired as balls.” Then he collapsed to the ground in exhaustion.


Deluxe cover for
“All sleep is a gamble… We go to sleep every night comfortably betting that the next day we’ll wake up.”

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The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God: Portalpocalypse [Part Two]

The massive and exciting conclusion of Season One of “The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God” is here! There will be many monsters slain, and people killed off. A comet, a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Then we’ll have an ice-cold pint and wait for all this to blow over.

The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God Logo

The Bear God met Diablo head on. He grunted in pain as he slid down the massive being’s forehead.

“Pathetic gnat,” Diablo grinned, “when you last encountered me, I was not at full power. Now,” the Lord of Hell raised his hands to the heavens, calling down meteors of destruction and more demons, “NOW I AM AT FULL POWER! Face the wrath of the Lord of Hell!”

“Don’t think I do not have any tricks left, Big Red,” said the Bear God as he landed on the ground.

“More are approaching!” Rico shouted providing covering fire.

Kronam swung his sword around in an impressive manner, “I call upon my ancestors, grant me the strength and vitality to defeat my foes!” A flash of blue lightning struck the sword, infusing it and its wielder with an incredible amount of power. His eyes raged in an unwavering blue-white. “Today, your legion falls, Diablo, and with it, you!”

Kronam charged into a mass of demons, monsters, and other assorted foes. He dispensed justice to those that dared stood in his path. He charged from foe to foe, sometimes cleaving ten or more with one blow.

“Rico, Rubricon, volley shot now!” he yelled.

The marksman and mage fired bullets and spells into the air, giving the heavens a brilliant display of streaking magic infused bullets, fireballs, icicles, and arcane orbs. The ground erupted around Kronam in an impressive display of monsters being blown up, impaled, incinerated, disintegrated—their shrieks stifled by the icy touch of Death.

It was all for naught, though. More poured from the portal. MOTHER was fast approaching. They needed a miracle and needed it now.

Maker, can you help us out down here?


The Bear God found no one listening. “Typical.” He assessed the situation, the odds, and charted the best course of action. He sighed in knowing one true way they could beat MOTHER, Diablo, save the day, go home and have an ice-cold pint. It wouldn’t be pretty, though.

The Bear God heard the sound of a dog barking from behind him. He turned around and saw Dogmeat tearing through enemies, ripping out their throats, and leaping from monster to monster. His canine friend came and whimpered.

“Hey, boy. What do you say? Think it’s time to go home?” the Bear God asked, petting him.

Dogmeat barked and then looked up at the fast-approaching comet, and then growled. “Yeah, boy, don’t worry. I’ll be back.”

Sin closed his eyes and dug deep for his power that laid dormant. “It’s time to take it up a notch.” First, he glowed red, then blue, and then he emanated a white aura. His fur glistened a golden touch at the tips of each strand of hair. He looked up to the comet and leaped into the air, flying straight for it.

“HA! Look, your pathetic ‘Bear God’ flees, leaving you all behind,” Diablo laughed.

Rubricon and the others all watched as the mighty bear flew up. “What the hell is he doing?”

Ben changed his right arm into a large Mirelurk claw and crushed a horde of monsters. “He is going to destroy MOTHER.”

“Give that bitch hell, Sin!” Rico shouted.

Ben looked to Diablo. “I believe we have some unsettled business.”

The monstrous demon looked down at the small glowing being, cackling. “You dare challenge me? I will crush you underfoot!”

Ben grinned, “I haven’t been completely honest either.” In a flash, Ben grew to the same size as Diablo.

The stunned demon took a step back. “What sorcery is this?”

“POWER. UNLEASHED.” Ben roared, sending out waves of energy that caused all the demons and monsters around him to explode in a kaleidoscope of goo, and Diablo to fall onto his back.

“I may have underestimated you, small one. No matter. There is no hope you could ever have in beating me!” the demon snapped back.

“I don’t plan on beating you. I plan on destroying you entirely,” said Ben with a malevolent grin.

A mighty white fist flew through the air and met with the red demon lord’s face, causing him to fall to his knees.


The air began to thin quickly and soon; the Bear God was in space. “S—so fucking cold,” he said. The comet was getting closer. He focused on above his emotions, above pain, above everything else. Energy surged from within, and he erupted into a blaze of kaleidoscopic energy. He swore he could hear someone laughing, another crying, and others dying somewhere far off.

A final thrust of energy gave him the speed he needed. He collided with the comet and bored to its core, then unleashed a massive burst of energy. The force of the explosion sent him hurtling backward, on a path for Earth. Now, a new comet was born, and there burned a god.


Back on the surface, Rubricon and the others saw the explosion of the comet. They cheered at the victory of their friend. Then their short reprieve was turned to despair as they saw the new being hurtling back towards them.

“What the hell happened?” Rubricon asked.

“This doesn’t look good. Even with MOTHER gone, this could still take everything out,” said Rico.

Not far off, Dante fended off the enemies that attacked him, dodging elegantly. He was, however, unable to land any blows upon the monsters. His frustration was growing, as was his impatience. Finally, he snapped. Demonic magics and influence overcame him, the magical orbs in his sword glowed a hellish red.

“Knights of the Round, heed my call!”

Several figures in different ornate sets of armor traversed existence from the orbs and began cutting, slicing, smashing Dante’s enemies. When they finished their assault, a great knight that radiated gold emerged and raged upon the foes. Dante then flicked his wrist and set them all ablaze in a fiery inferno.

With his mind now calm and the enemies’ dead, he returned to his normal state, sighing in relief.


Elsewhere, on the far edges of the Earth’s atmosphere, an unknown female voice spoke to the unconscious Bear God. “Why do you fight the inevitable? You know you will lose. The cycle must repeat, as it has for millennia. You seek to throw the order of the universe out of whack?”

“Because destiny can be changed, the future is fickle and never truly defined. It is ours to make. The cycle of pain, death, and destruction must end. How are we to learn from our mistakes if we do not get the chance to redeem ourselves and learn?” the Bear God replied.

“What you speak of is a pipe dream and nothing more,” said the gentle voice.

“What you talk of is a cycle that will keep repeating history and offer no other outcome. You speak of madness, insanity,” the Bear God spoke, beginning to awaken. “I will fight for my family, for my home, for my world. I will break your cycle. I will bring order to the universe, and I will be damned if I am told otherwise!”

Attached to the Bear God was a giant squid-like figure with golden eyes that tried to burrow itself in him. Its maw snapped at him and tried to enter his mouth. Sin hugged the being and began sending his energy into the being and focused on getting back to Earth. “I think I need to introduce you to a friend of mine.”


Ben and Diablo fought, with Ben apparently having the upper hand. “Please, no more. I beg of you,” pleaded the demon lord.

Ben stood above the fallen demon, “I offer you no mercy.” He raised a fist like a mighty gavel and brought it down. The image of the Lord of Hell scattered and then faded to nothing, leaving Ben puzzled.

“Surprise!” Diablo cried as he thrust his claws through Ben.

As he fell to his knees and felt life leaving him, he looked up to see the Bear God falling from the heavens. “Strike. Him. Down.” And like that, Ben dropped to the ground lifeless.

“No, Ben!” Rubricon cried. He felt the rage deep within stir. It was something he hadn’t felt in a long time, not since…

He erupted into an ethereal form, where ice, fire, arcane, and other elements flowed. His eyes burned bright with the elements. He raised his hand to the sky and launched several attacks in every direction. Annihilating any remaining demons and monsters and putting a huge barrier in front of the portal.

Diablo’s back singed, and he roared in pain. “Miserable gnat! You will pay for that!”

Percy roared back and glowed a dark purple and charged the massive demon, with Rico and the others following in attack. Together, they struck at the Lord of Hell, knocking him back towards the portal. Demons, monsters, and more built up against the portal. It wouldn’t be long until it burst, allowing all of them to be free once again.


High above, the Bear God roared in anger. The heavens echoed as if a thousand thunderstorms simultaneously went off. “Mother, meet Diablo. I think you two,” Sin hurled the squid being at Diablo and continue his projectile path, “are a match made in heaven!”

Diablo raised his hands, the barrier holding back the monsters behind the portal fell. MOTHER collided with Diablo, causing him to spin around and stagger, then the Bear God slammed into him and pushed him into the portal, going along with him. The portal then closed. The others slew the few monsters that slipped through hastily.

It was over. Diablo was defeated, MOTHER was no more, and the Bear God was gone.

“What now?” Rico said to Rubricon.

Maker, can you restore Ben?



Rubricon looked to the ground. “Something has happened to the Maker. He’s not there. I guess, we’re on our own.”

Wherever you are, Sin. I hope you can get back.


Elsewhere, at Atom’s Crater, looking in with their looking glass, the Anti-Bear God watched as the Bear God was banished to Hell.

A grin stretched across their lips. “Your self-sacrifice and honor is your downfall.”

“ABG, you have failed,” said a member of the council.

“On the contrary, it has gone all according to plan,” The Anti-Bear God said, putting away their looking glass. “And now, I believe we have business to discuss regarding my place as Head of the Council.”

“Preposterous!” another member shouted.

The head council member raised their hand. “You are to heed our beck and call, fiend. Your choice of words next better be good or else.”

The ABG laughed, “I can write you all out of existence. Your best option to save you was that pathetic Bear God. Now, you can either agree to my ascension or face your death.”

The Evil Council shouted to one another, some even readied magical attacks. The head council member raised their hand. “Enough! There needs not be bloodshed over such a trivial manner.” They sighed, “Very well. We agree on your ascension.”

“Good,” the ABG said, “but I will be taking it regardless, along with all of your magics.” The Anti-Bear God raised their right hand and siphoned out the essences of the council members one by one. Some got off attacks, but they were rendered useless.

The ABG sighed with renewed vigor. “It is so good to be evil.”

***End of Season One***

The Bear God and Friends Will Return in 2017!

And then before that…BAT OUT OUT OF HELL
NO more “AND THEN…”


The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God: Bat Out of Hell

Ben struggles to maintain his sanity over doubt and his emotions. The portal spits out Diablo. The shit starts to hit the fan. It’s also Friday. Shit. Just. Got. Real. #ITSREAL

The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God Logo

“What do you hope to achieve?” the shade smiled an ice cream smile. Ben recoiled, preparing for an onslaught. “Do you still believe the ‘almighty Bear God’ to be your savior? To free the damned? To change the course of events that have been predestined since before, you were even a thought?”

Ben shook his head. “I am not the being I once was. I have learned a lot on my travels with him. He has taught me in his own way,” his hands became fists, drawing power from the darkness, “I made a mistake believing in the Darkness; confiding in it, relying upon it. The true power all along…” he closed his eyes, “has been inside of me.” Ben opened his eyes, the blackness in them gone. They emanated a blinding light, banishing the shadows.

Laughter echoed as the shades all faded in the light. “Pathetic fool. Light cannot exist without darkness. Even if you believe yourself to be purified and rid us, deep down you know you will turn. You will become an enemy of the Bear God. He and his friends will turn on you. You will have no one. And then? Then you will come searching for us. We will say ‘told you so.’ It is better you accept it now than be torn limb from limb.”

The remaining darkness swirled around, fighting the light. Ben concentrated hard on the thought that he was doing good, and that the Bear God was indeed, his friend. He felt a presence behind him. He knew those that stood with him well and those he came to know only now.

“We won’t abandon you, Ben. Let your doubt go, and come back…because we have some asses to kick,” he heard the Bear God say.

He grinned at the remark and unleashed his energy to cleanse the vast void to pure white. His eyes opened to the portal swirling and people around him. His friends.

“Welcome back, sleepyhead,” said Rubricon, who gave him a pat on the back.

Ben had ascended, conquering his fear and doubt completely now. He no longer appeared as the Mirelurk he once was. Now, he was a figure of glowing white energy.

“Argh, you wretched creatures!” cried Diablo. “TOYMAKER! Kill yourself, so that I may be freed of this place and dominate your world.”

“Kill myself? That escalated quickly…” said the Toymaker.

Diablo’s voice boomed, “DO IT! I’ll just revive you and give you untold power that could rival the ABG.”

The Toymaker sighed, “Fine, I volunteer myself as tribute or whatever.”

“NO!” the heroes cried.

They could sense a hint of a grin from Diablo through the portal. “Good.”

A massive red hand stretched through the portal and snatched up the Toymaker. “WOAH, WOAH! You could come through already?”

“Semantics. The portal needs to BIGGER for me!” Diablo shouted as he started to squeeze the life out of the Toymaker.

“It. Was. A. Trap.” the Toymaker said before he died in Diablo’s hand.

“Son of a bitch,’ said the Bear God, “well, we’re fucked.”

Diablo cackled maniacally as he siphoned the last soul—the Toymaker—to make the portal bigger, to his size, and began to emerge from the portal. The facility that once housed some of the most dangerous creations in the Wasteland crumbled around them. Before them stood the massive being, Diablo. “It’s so good to stretch my legs,” he said as he stretched. He looked down at the heroes with a smirk.

“I’ve kicked your ass before, and I will do it again, and again, and again,” said the Bear God.

“Ah ah,” said Diablo as he wagged his finger, “why don’t you meet some of my friends first.”

The portal changed to a kaleidoscopic mystery of colors, as beings from different universes started to emerge from it.

“I hope someone has a cheat code…” said Sin.

“Come, friends, let us decide the fate of this world!” Diablo shouted as his army of minions erupted from the portal.


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