Johnny Nightwalker: The Unstoppable Force Meets the Immovable Object

Omega laughed and clapped. “Such a moving display. A real 180 there, kiddo. Eight out of ten, I’d nominate you for an Oscar for sure.” He smirked, “You are correct. I AM THE OMEGA. I AM GOD!” He shouted as he went for Johnny’s throat.

Then there came the understanding. Omega couldn’t touch Johnny. “What is this?”

“You’re nowhere near the power you claim to possesses,” said Johnny. “I am far beyond whatever level you are. You are the gnat now.”

Omega shrugged. “Well then… if that’s all…” He wound up another hit, this time connecting with Johnny’s jaw.

Johnny looked back in shock.

Omega grinned. “What can I say? I’m a fast learner… Plus you’re not the only one that can absorb energy or souls.

Johnny’s eyes widened. The people that had been murdered were reanimated into the nightmarish creatures. He had felt a particular note in the air but couldn’t quite place it. Now he knew why.

The two fought for a while, both proving to be equal in strength. However, as more and more time passed Johnny could tell Omega’s power gap was widening.

I can’t keep this up. Omega’s outclassed and outmatched me. I’d need more help. I need help. Jerry. I’m sorry, I cannot do it.

The sky cracked with lightning, and thunder rolled. Blood rained hard down upon them. Despair and defeat began to sink in.

“So, you see the futility of it all at last? Ha, just when it was getting interesting. Pathetic,” Omega grinned.

Johnny then felt a familiar presence; a hand placed on his shoulder. “You’re not alone Johnny. We’re all with you until the very end.”

Johnny looked to his right and left. Behind him were the former Guardians, trainers, the people that were slain, and Jerry.

“Give ‘em Hell, kid,” Johnny heard Snake say. Everyone offered words of encouragement.

“Even though we’re gone, and we can’t be there, beside you, we’re all part of you, just as you were a part of us. We’re all interconnected, a shared destiny. Here, this is your moment. For us, for the world.” Jerry patted Johnny on the back.

A blue light coursed through all the people, Guardians, and trainers alike until it amplified through Jerry.

“The night is not your enemy but your friend. We are all beacons in the dark. You shall not go it alone. Let the day’s glow bask you in the night. Free us. Save the world. You’re the Nightwalker no more, Johnny. You are the Guardian of Earth.” Jerry then placed his hand on Johnny’s shoulder.

The power was exhilarating. So much emotion. Johnny was beside himself as he watched all the light go out and the familiar faces dissipate. Until the light last came to Jerry. “You’ve been a wonderful friend, Johnny. Now, it’s time to end this madness and evil of a man. We’ll see each other again. One day.” Johnny felt tears well up. “Goodbye, my friend.” Jerry then vanished, and Johnny was left alone with all the power in the world.

Omega tried to attack Johnny during the spectacle, but it was all for naught. Every attack, every effort was deflected like it was nothing. He had, at last, come to the realization. It was the end.

The Nightwalker ToC

Johnny Nightwalker: Beyond Good and Evil

Johnny and Omega exchanged blows with one another. They were evenly matched now. However, Omega still had the fighting expertise and size over Johnny.

“You are nothing more than a gnat to me. Insignificant. Petty. You aren’t even fit to be in this world,” said Omega.

“Obviously, I was the favorite compared to you,” Johnny quipped back as he charged up an electrical attack that landed square on Omega’s jaw.

Omega’s gaze became fiery. He grabbed hold of Johnny and began swinging him around like a rag doll.

“How does it feel, boy? To be second rate, second best? The sloppy seconds? A bastard that was never loved by anyone or anything? You’re nothing but space taken up and wasteful shell of a ‘man.’ You failed your family, your friends, and you failed humanity.”

Omega laughed as Johnny hung limply in his grasp.

I can’t let it end this way. I have to do something. Johnny tried to come up with strategies, but nothing seemed concrete.

Then a blinding light emitted from where he last saw the Guardians fighting. A wave of energy rushed in all directions, vaporizing the nightmarish creatures, and sending Omega tumbling to the ground.

Johnny rolled too. He slowly got to his feet and looked over where the blast originated from. There, in a now broken triangle, rested the bodies of Red, Chico, and Pierre.

He felt the last few remnants of their energy fade as it passed through him, and into the air. He turned around and stared on with tears in his eyes.

“No, no,” he stammered. “No, please, don’t go,” he dropped to his knees and began to sob. “Please don’t leave me alone.”

Omega shook his head and slowly got to his feet. He dusted himself off and set his sights on Johnny.

“I’ll give it to the little beasts, they could pack a punch with that little trick of theirs.”

He stood above Johnny, who continued to cry. “Pathetic. Reduced to a sniveling and whining piglet. Yet, you were to be the better soldier? Ha!” Omega spat on Johnny.

Johnny felt the energy and presence of the Guardians.

Lad, we’d never leave ya. Well, willingly, in any case, he heard Red say.

We’re a part of you now, Johnny, stated Pierre.

“Our power is now yours. Not just us though, everyone. Together, we’ll be what beats Omega… Because you’re the embodiment of all. You can do this, Johnny,” said Chico.

Johnny clenched his fists. Time, it seemed, stood still. The push he needed had at last come. He stood up tall and looked Omega in the eye.

“I am not the Alpha, the Omega, or the Beta. I am the one who walks in the shadows. Where the light does not pierce, for I am the light in the darkness.” Raw energy began to course through Johnny. Arcs of the elements, bouncing, flickering, and colliding. His eyes radiated with the powers he assimilated and that of the Guardians. “I am the Nightwalker!”


The Nightwalker ToC


War walked through the bloody battlefield and looked for any survivors of his onslaught. Any he found, he cut their heads off and left them there. Rage still flowed within, having lost his brother, Pestilence. Famine and Death still wandered laying waste to villages, cities, and so on. War, however, wanted to show off his brutality and brute strength. He wanted the Nightwalker to himself so he could dismember him slowly, painfully.

“Be careful what you wish for, War,” said Johnny from behind him.

War slowly turned around and stared at his nemesis, starting to approach him. “You…you took my brother from me, and now, now I will take your life!”

“On the contrary, War. Your brother’s death is on your hands.”

“No, you stole his life and his powers! No one else!” War roared.

“And you stole the lives of hundreds of thousands, near the millions. You absorbed their essence and claimed it for your own! Out of what? A bid by your so called, master?”

“War has no master. We have no master,” replied War.

“And yet, you tremble at Omega’s feet and grovel like a whimpering dog with their tail between their legs, who was told they were ‘bad,’” said Johnny as he took a few steps toward War.

War thought on this. In all of the sense, he knew Johnny was right. He stopped in his tracks.

“You were made into being something incredible. We all were. You have been misguided and led to believe you are a tool of war and nothing more,” Johnny stopped in front of War. “I can show you that there is more to this than senseless fighting. That, together, we can create a world without this unnecessary bloodshed and uphold honor.

War looked up to Johnny. “If I don’t then, I will lose all that remains of who I am. My family.”

“No, we can stop him, War. Only by working together will we stop Omega,” said Johnny.

“Did you offer the same bargain to my brother before you killed him? Hmm?” asked War.

Johnny sighed. “I couldn’t, he was already too far gone.”

A sadistic grin sprawled across Johnny’s lips. “He did beg for mercy, though.”

War squinted at the young boy and felt something was off. “Who are you?”

‘Johnny’ wound his right arm up and socked War in the gut several times, and then in the face, sending him flying and tumbling across the field. “YOUR GOD!”

War knew that voice. “You… bastard. You double cross me?!”

“What happened, War? I thought you bowed to no man? Yet, here you are, rolling around in the mud, like some pig.” The illusion was shattered, willingly, by Omega.

“I had a feeling, I knew you would be the death of my brothers and I the moment we were activated,” War said as he got up to his feet.

“Your intuition was correct. You four could have struck me down then and this wouldn’t have needed to happen. Regardless, the boy would have killed you and stolen your powers. I, on the other hand, am a much better tactician and well,” Omega charged at War through the air, “AM BETTER IN EVERY WAY!”

War summoned his strength deep from within. Brothers, we have been betrayed. Come to me quickly!

We are coming!

War smirked as he blocked Omega’s attack with ease. “You flaunt about strength in which you do not possess, and gloat too much.”

Omega then attacked again from behind, striking War in the head and back. “Fool, don’t you know that I like to play with my prey before I completely, and utterly destroy them?”

War was sent flying through a few tanks and landed in a foxhole. He grunted as he struggled to get up. My back, it’s nearly broken. He only hit me a few times. How in the hell…?

“Come now, War. You couldn’t have been knocked out from that?”

War gritted his teeth. I can’t let it end like this.


Reunion [Continued]

As Omega and Dr. Widow escorted Dr. Ramirez to the white van, Johnny, Chico, and Red appeared in front of the vehicle.

“That… was one hell of a trip,” said Red.

“I think I’m still spinning,” added Chico.

Omega took note of Johnny’s presence. “Ah, so the prodigal son makes his appearance.”

“Who are you and what are you doing with Mr. Ramirez?” asked Johnny.

“No ‘hello, brother. It has been awhile.’? I am heartbroken,” Omega gestured a teardrop falling down his cheek, and then grinned.

“Brother? What are you going on about?”

“While your dad, well, our dad was busy bumbling over you to be perfected in becoming the absolute specimen for the Agency, my mother was busy making me become just as strong and just as capable as you. Thus, I was given the name Omega. I am superior to the Alpha and Beta Projects in so many ways.” Omega flexed.

Johnny turned to Dr. Widow. “So you bred a giant meathead to become stronger than me? That’s…that must be pretty detrimental to your science career.”

Widow became angered at the remark. “You little gnat! I will have him squash you and everyone you loved.” She then took in a deep breath and exhaled, regaining a calm composure. “We shall start… with your dear old dad.”

Johnny remained unphased.

“Johnny… I’m sorry,” said Ramirez. “I wanted you to have a better life. I figured though if I could at least make you the strongest and the hope that Mankind needed, maybe then, I could at least go to the grave knowing I was good at something.”

“I knew you were my father. I had a lot of visions and memories. I know you were only doing what you thought best. I know…in another time, another life you would be a good father. So I don’t hold anything against you,” Johnny said reassuringly.

“Too sweet. Really, that’s touching. I almost felt a tug at my heartstrings. Almost,” Omega then laughed, “but you’re making me SICK.”

The giant raised his right massive boot and kicked Dr. Ramirez down to the ground. “I say, It’s time to retire, dear doctor.” The sprawl of absolute glee and sadism stretched from ear to ear on Omega’s face as he brought down his boot again against Doctor Ramirez’s head. Blood, brains, and bone fragments were sent gushing everywhere.

Before his head popped like a balloon, Johnny swore he heard his father say he loved him. Though, right now, all Johnny could hear right now was the angry voices that were swelling within.

“Pop goes the doctor!” Omega joked as he twisted the heel of his boot into the twitching corpse.

“You… monster…” Johnny fought back the rage that was stirring.

Omega grinned sadistically. “That look is priceless. It’s almost as good as when I had that little shit kill your dear, dear friend, Jerry.”

His eyes shot open in shock. He had always suspected that there was more to the story… but now, now he had all he needed.


Chico and Red tried to calm Johnny down, but it was of no use. He was seeing blood… Omega’s blood.

Johnny struck wildly at the giant but was evaded easily.

You’re not going to be able to hit him while you’re so far gone, Johnny. You need to recollect yourself and try when you’re calm.

Laddy, ya’ve got to stop! Ya gonna get killed!

Red and Chico tried again and again… nothing was getting through.

“Yes, that’s it! Show me your moves, Nightwalker. Show me what you’re capable of. Let me see all that you are worth—and then BREAK YOU! Omega casually said as he dodged Johnny’s attacks.

He was weakening fast and he knew it. The rage had won… they had won. Chico and Red were right in that at this moment, Johnny was not strong enough. He needed more time. More power.

Omega, too, had noted this. He rushed in for a solid punch in Johnny’s gut and then uppercutted him—sending him to the ground several feet back. Chico and Red rushed to Johnny’s side.

“C’mon, lad, we’ve got to go!” said Red.

“I know…” said Johnny as he propped himself up, “hold on.”

Chico and Red grabbed a hold of Johnny and as Omega motioned to land a deadly blow, the three vanished from the brutes sight.

“Damn it,” Omega gritted his teeth.

“It’s fine, darling. We’ve proven our point. There’s nothing now that can stop us,” Dr. Widow said as she approached the giant of a man from behind and wrapped her arms around his waist and laid her head against his back.

“I have to say, your story was convincing to the doctor and boy. He actually believes that we are brothers, ha! What a fool,” Omega grinned.

Dr. Widow grinned and chuckled silently to herself.

“We should make our next move. We should pay my… adoptive parents a visit,” said Omega as he cracked his knuckles. “We wouldn’t want the family to not know of the bad news after all.”

* * *

Johnny, Chico, and Red all landed and rolled across the ground back at their hideaway.

Johnny began slamming his fist into the ground, making a hole in the concrete.

“I know you’re angry, kid, but you need a clear head. There are Horsemen out there still killing in his name and making a mess of things,” said Red.

“He’s right. We need to deal with them and then handle Omega,” added Chico.

Johnny sat on his knees, closed his eyes and sighed.

He opened them, clarity and reason had been reached. “Let’s make this a group effort. Get Pierre and his gang, alert Rottie and her pack. We need everyone on board.”

Red and Chico both nodded.

“It’s time for the world to strike back, for those who have been wronged to rise up and strike down these tyrannous villains who would otherwise bring mankind to extinction.” Johnny looked down to Chico and Red with a grin, “Can I count on you?”


Johnny Nightwalker: Family Reunion

“I’m sorry, Johnny.” The man wiped a tear from his eye as he stared at a picture.

The door to his office opened. There stepped in a woman in a lab coat and Omega. “Dr. Ramirez, I am afraid your position with the company has been severed,” said Omega.

Ramirez shot up from his chair. “You… You don’t know the powers you are playing with here! The consequences and ramifications on the world, the people—”

Omega raised a hand and silenced the man. “Do I look like I care? I just want that brat son of yours. You made him first, yes? I want to know his weaknesses. I want to know what makes him tick. And, naturally, I want him dead.”

“Everything I know, the Agency knows,” Ramirez looked to the scientist in the lab coat, and pointed at her, “Dr. Widow has all the necessary files.”

Omega looked to the good doctor and nodded before returning his gaze back to Ramirez. “I see. So, you are expendable then? Very well, let’s do some more… field testing.”

Dr. Ramirez reached into his desk for his handgun. Omega motioned a quick swipe through the air, sending the doctor flying into his bookshelves, sending books and other paraphernalia falling atop him.

“That won’t be necessary…” said Omega.

“Widow… when did you let him take over?” Dr. Ramirez grunted.

Dr. Widow smiled. “My son has big plans.”

“What the hell is this, some sort of childish rivalry?” Ramirez grunted as he got to his feet, catering to his right arm.

“Think of it as a battle of gods… and right now, my boy is proving to be quite capable. Perhaps it was wise to lay with you after all,” said Dr. Widow.

“What—what? You… Are you? No… that cannot be!”

Dr. Widow laughed, “Surprised? I thought you could tell… he does have your eyes after all.” Omega smirked at the remark.

“Johnny will come…” Ramirez grunted as Omega grabbed him by the throat and hoisted him high into the air.

“I am counting on it,” smirked the giant.


After his brief reprieve against Pestilence, Johnny felt a strange sensation and heard a voice in his mind.

Johnny… I am sorry.

“Mr. Ramirez?” he asked aloud.

Johnny, he’s in danger. You have to help him. He holds the key to defeating the Horsemen and Omega. Jerry’s voice chimed in.

“Chico, Red, we have to get to the school right away. Something is happening to Ramirez,” said Johnny.

“That’s pretty far away, lad. I don’t think we would make it in time.”

Johnny smirked. “Forgetting about my new magic trick? Just hold on tight.”

“Is this PETA approved?” asked Chico.

As the group began to fade and travel, “Not sure but we’ll find out,” added Johnny.


Johnny Nightwalker: Consequence and Retaliation

In populated places across the world, the remaining Horsemen carried out their attacks against Humanity. War, however,  collapsed to his knees.


The pain was intense in his chest, despite the fire that raged within. “I will get the bastard… mark my words,” he said as he spat on the ground. His hands erupted into a fiery blaze. He slammed them down onto the ground, sending out massive shockwaves in all directions, sending the collective military might of the world to its knees; tanks exploded, planes crashed into one another and the ground, while bombs detonated all around.

“WAR DEMANDS VENGEANCE,” he shouted at the top of his lungs.

Elsewhere, Death only made a silent gesture to an invisible specter.

Lastly, as Famine approached a village in South America, villagers readied an attack against the usher of doom. He began to hyperventilate and stumbled.

“No… No… NO!” he panted.

His attackers all motioned at once.

Life withered around them: plants died, their crops wilted, their animals and livestock died before them. The waters dried up.

Streaks of tears ran down his cheeks. Famine spoke softly aloud, “Mankind has no place in this world or any other.”

He tapped deeper into his power, the power they all shared. “Death… comes for you all.”

For then, Death appeared before them all. “Claim them. Show no mercy,” said Famine.

Death nodded.

He stretched out his right arm and only looked. One person fell to the ground. Then another. One by one, the villagers all fell to the invisible touch.

Famine fell to the ground. “What is in it for us, brothers? Why must we fight another’s battle?”

Revenge… that is all that matters right now. Famine could hear War.


Lad, you had us worried! Runnin’ off like that, ya could have gotten ye self killed,” Red lectured Johnny.

Johnny shook his head. “I didn’t come back just to be scolded, Red. We need to act… and now. People can’t defend themselves against these guys. If we don’t, no one will. There won’t be an Earth to save. No people. Nothing.”

Red and Chico nodded.

“Alright, so what should we do?” Chico asked.

Round everyone up, call in any and all favors. We strike back. It’s time for the world to know… everything. We will expose the Agency for what it is. If we’re all on the same page, it’ll make things easier.

“That’s goin’ to frighten a lot of people, lad,” said Red.

“They are right now—they’re scared and afraid right now! They think no one is going to fight for them. That they’re just going to be fed to some unstoppable beast, left for dead… I don’t plan on that happening. I know the risks, but right now, they’re on the bottom of my list.”

Red and Chico looked at Johnny, astounded. “Are ye sure you’re Johnny?”

“You seem… a lot different, Jeffe.”

Johnny nodded. “I am,” he said with a smile.

“Well then, let’s kick some ass!” piped Chico.


The Black Plague’s End

Here we observe the conclusion to Johnny’s encounter versus the Horseman, Pestilence.

Johnny’s eyes shifted around the room. So many… dead. He could feel something deep within him stirring—longing to manifest.

The nanomachines swarmed Johnny. He let himself be taken.

Pestilence cackled, “Too easy!”

Burns, sores, and disfigurement began to set in. Johnny could feel them eating away at his flesh. He knew though, to actually beat Pestilence, he had to sacrifice a portion of himself.

Pestilence’s curiosity was piqued. “What’s the matter, child? Have you realized the futility of it all?”

Johnny closed his eyes. Jerry, I could sure use your help right now. Everyone.

The familiar voice of his dead friend echoed in the darkness of his mind. I am with you, my friend.

Slowly, a blue aura began to envelop Johnny. He spoke but in a disembodied tone… so many voices… those of the slaughtered.

“Let’s see how you fair… AGAINST JUSTICE!” Johnny’s eyes opened wide. An EMP blast wave emitted from within him, and all Pestilence’s nanomachines dropped to the ground. His fists became engulfed in a fiery blue inferno as he charged the Horseman head on.

“What?! How can that be?!” Pestilence took a step back and recoiled in fear.

Johnny pummeled Pestilence with a fury of attacks to his torso and face. Then he precisely dismantled Pestilence, breaking his arms and legs at the joints. The cries of agony Pestilence unleashed seemed almost hypnotic to Johnny.

He knelt down beside the broken Horseman. “Let us see how you fair against your own medicine, fiend.”

Johnny manipulated the fallen nanomachines. They orbited around him and reacted to his every movement. He placed his hand on Pestilence’s head and let the nanomachines carry out their work. They tore through the skull and engulfed the body of the Horseman wholly. The man’s shrieks of pain came and reached a feverish pitch. He shuddered and shook violently in Johnny’s grasp.

“Tell your brother when you see him… he’s next,” Johnny said as he crushed Pestilence’s skull in his hand.

He stood up and observed the ashen remains of the Horseman. The nanomachines were, indeed, quick to do their work. He felt a new power though—the latest to be unlocked.

Your power grows, Johnny. Use it wisely to battle against the Horsemen. Remember though, they’re just a stepping stone.

Johnny nodded. “I know. Thank you, Jerry.”