A Poem: The Night

The Night is a poem by Robert J. S. T. McCartney. Often, the night is mistaken as a grim harbinger of death, anxiety, and an onslaught of depression (and more). This poem is to reflect that the night is a beautiful contrast and place, where the day’s reflections (and our own) are beacons…and stars in a brilliant world we can all be a part of, together.

The Night

by Robert J. S. T. McCartney

The night…

Often confused for and left bruised,

by a society that does not yet understand.

The night is a sanctuary; a necessary refuge for the accused,

Those afflicted by a blight and plight; of the day’s transgressions—a modern day gangland.

The darkness—tis who the real enemy,

for it shrouds the world; its outlook, gloomy.

There, within it, the night shines; a beacon,

to lead those who are lost, home, their Eden.

The good, the bad, the disturbed, craven and damned,

All have been twisted, some, not all, have gone mad.

So it’s up to us to take the hand,

That’s been outstretched for us, and be guided across the land.

It often appears to us in many forms,

A pet, spouse, friend; many persons, places or things in life’s storms.

So, though at times the night may seem scary,

Know that it is there to help you, and you are not alone.

So keep your head up, for this is your journey,

Aid for you and others; be guided, home.

We are the night.

And Now For Something New: An Excerpt of a New Project

Superheros. They’re in comics, movies, and all that jazz. However, there aren’t any in a religious sense, or many that touch upon the supernatural/paranormal aspect. So, what if? Well, that’s what I am doing.

Hey, everyone.

So, I am actively doing other projects, while still doing the other main dishes. I know some people don’t know the scope of exactly what it is that I have going on. Life has me busy. It’s fine and dandy, but I really like to keep up with cranking out the jams…er, the stories.

Anyway, I wanted to share the start of a new project I am doing. It is finished, however, this is not the final representation of it. Also, I don’t have an exact title of it, thus, I decided to do its name as an in-house assignment: Sinclair Gets His Rolex.

What’s it about? Superheros. Not just the typical route though. You know, lab accident, or an alien. Nope, we’re going a different route. However, with a supernatural/paranormal twist.

I hope you enjoy it. If not, well, too bad. 😉

A WIP Excerpt: At the Moment In-house Titled — Sinclair Gets His Rolex

By Robert McCartney

I can’t die here. Not like this. I. . .I just. . .can’t.

All life had begun to leave the man as he gasped his last breath; his long pale face at first contorted in the most agonized expression, faded to the most peaceful. Crimson poured through the short-sleeved white button-down shirt, from his neck and chest (once profusely and profound, now drew to a standstill), giving a crude silhouette of the thin, already burnt out Mark. His short curly black hair was ruffled; definitely from the day’s nonsense and from the scuffle some moments ago. A woman, at least it was the silhouette of one, propped his head under her sandy leather handbag; designer really, but whatever it was, was surely ruined by his bloodstains. More people rushed to his side, but it was all for naught; he had already started to embark to the other side. Those sons of bitches even stole his shoes too, but at least he still had his black dress socks. His black dress slacks now further stained by only God knows what on a subway platform, blood and his own bodily waste. His brown eyes slowly gave way; the light gradually faded to black. His ears picked up the notes of a song that slowly died along with him.

There was no magic film reel that played out his life. All that there was, was darkness and the naked frigid touch of death—for it was total and absolute. He reached out to the vast void, only to find nothingness. . .and loneliness.

“Hello?!” he shouted, “Can anyone hear me?!”

He was alone, and here he sobbed heavily into his invisible hands. He shed invisible tears, took invisible breaths, maybe it was all in his imagination. He yelled profoundly to the dark hysterical obscenities. Before long, he was praying to an imaginary god, back to the root of his faith. Nobody and nothing answered. The thought then occurred to him—maybe I am not completely gone. He clung to this small glimmer of hope, as tight as his invisible hands could muster.

A brief warm sensation coursed throughout his person, one of which he knew well—the warmth of life!

A soft, gentle and reassuring voice then spoke to him from within the abysmal sea of black. “I know you, my son. For you are but lost in a sea in-between everlasting life, and damnation. You reside, here, in the void of the nether; where you exist, but do not.”

“But why? Who. . .who are you?” Mark inquired.

“You are neither living nor dead. In the mortal world, your body did die, however, your consciousness and will to live; to serve those whom you love, to gain vengeance on those who did you wrong, to be. . .something more in life. What you felt, my dear son, is your will, and the raw emotional power, the ties to Earth – this is what is keeping you afloat; lose it and you shall sink. . .sink to damnation.” the voice continued to propagate.

Mark’s imaginary heart fluttered with fear and anxiety with these words. His eyes still searching for this invisible majestic being, albeit, he felt he knew whom he spoke to.

The invisible host spoke soothingly, “Ah, do not be afraid, my son. I know you seek answers; for your questions, I can see are jumbling, vast, blurred at the speed and span of eons. Know this, you are safe—for now.” The voice then turned stern and censure. “You’ve fallen quite the fall in life, my son. You denounced your faith, believing it to be a child’s fairytale, making a mockery of those whom would practice in private. Yes, yes, I know; prior you used to wave your beliefs around like a big stick, and forced it upon others.”

“I was young and but a fool! Had I known then what I know now. . .” Mark pleaded.

A hearty chuckle escaped from within the void, “My son, do not take me for a fool; for I am not one. For countless millennia I have heard that remark.” Mark then heard what he believed to be a sigh escape from the voice’s imaginary lips. “I suppose, however, that being born into sin has that. . .problem.” Imaginary eyes fell upon Mark’s imaginary person. “It is in death, yes, in death, in which you shall rise and become the herald—my herald, dear Mark.”

Vast feelings and emotions began to surge through Mark—of bewilderment, joy, excitement, life, sadness, uncertainty. . .fear. His eyes darted back and forth in the darkness before rising upwards, to where he believed the voice came from. “What would you have me do?”

An eerie chill ran down Mark’s imaginary spine as he floated in the sea of nothingness. It was far worse than the icy touch of death he had already become accustomed to; for this one felt of pure divine. . .and of absolute wrath. For a moment, he thought as if he could see a giant magnificent grin in the ‘heavens’, something that warranted his hesitation.

“My son, I shall bestow upon you the blessing of everlasting life; for you shall be raised from the dark, frigid fingers of Death and bless you with the assets and aspects, in which, you, deem sole worthy.”

Mark’s mind ran rampant with a childish glee, rummaging through the old childish thoughts of superheroes. Strength – the strength to be as bold and righteous, to avert harm to my family and friends; to defend those in need. The power of healing, that no matter how severe my wounds, I can be the righteous beacon of light; to be able to save myself, so that I may save those dearest and near. Speed and flight! That I may be quick to respond and be there, always, for the ones I love and hold true.

The voice continued on strong, bold and sound while Mark continued with his ‘wish list’. “Ah, you seek to be virtuous, and the reckoning force of righteousness. I can give you these boons, however, the given mantle, and tasks you will perform—will not be of ease. Time will come; for it shall pass and henceforth, carry out its circle—you will mourn. Let the good deeds you do here, now, carry on in your name for tomorrow. For tomorrow is here today, and it shall never, ever go away. For when you grow weak and weary of the given duties, you shall reside in everlasting paradise.” The imaginary voice paused, poising for its deliverance and judgment. For even in the darkness, Mark could almost feel the wrath of the high heavens, the magic of creation and destruction course throughout the abyss as the voice spoke. “If you should ever break the covenant, you shall be stripped of your mantle and the boons I have granted upon you; that your life will be forfeit and shall be left to my choice of punishment for all of eternity. Do not ever think me for a simpleton, that I can just as quickly extinguish your life’s essence then you can possibly imagine.”

Mark was in awe. He was presented with a second chance and knew of the consequences. The words had already formed and escaped his imaginary lips, “I accept, full knowingly and aware.”

A magnificent and beautiful pure golden light appeared high above him. It was so warm and inviting; Mark felt as if he was being picked up and cradled. The feelings and thoughts that ran explicitly wild in his mind – he couldn’t grasp a single one. The abyss had become enveloped in a white-gold. The frigid sensation had been rid from his being and was replaced with such warmth he was familiar sharing with his wife. Everything was about to change; everything, he believed for the better.

“Close your eyes and receive this blessing.” the voice spoke as the light slowly aligned itself within arms reach from Mark; completing the request of the specter. From the glorious emanating light that bathed the darkness anew, there stretched a red right hand that fell upon Mark’s forehead. The voice spoke again, more hoarse and chillingly chaotic, “Return to the World of the Living, and rise. . .” a surge of pure evil slightly escaped, but Mark thought nothing of it. Probably because he was now on the fast track to being alive again.

— End Excerpt–

So, there you have it, folks. This story is completed. However, I am still honing it and I still have to get it ready for its debut. I hope you enjoyed this first glance at this story and what it will shape up to be.

Until next time,


What Do You Want?

Rob asks the people of the internet what they’d like to read. Anything. Except non-fiction. He falls asleep at factoids at times. Plus, they’re not pizza.

Alright, folks, I have a question for you all. What do you want? Yes, that’s right. What do you want? What do you really, really want?

I am interested in getting feedback on what people would like to read, even if it is something out of my comfort zone. I like a challenge and also strive to better myself…somehow and some way.

So, humor me and I’ll humor you. Come! What say you?! My only stipulation is that the matter would have to be fiction. I often find non-fiction too much of a bore.

If there is nothing as far as a response, well, then I’ll carry on my way. 😉


Musical Inspiration

Happy Friday, folks. I trust you’re enjoying the day, and if you’re not, well that’s just too damn bad.

What I have for you a bit of a change-up. . .not really, as it still pertains to music, just in a different scheme of things. What am I talking about? Well, I am glad you asked me telepathically! I am talking about the music in video games.

Count them up; how many video games have you played your entire lifespan thus far, and of those played, has the music been so everlasting, so wonderful, that it’s been deeply rooted into your brain? Music already takes root in our minds and is memorable, but if its catchy enough, you can be thinking about it without even noticing it.

What follows are some of the many, many, many games I’ve played. . .and absolutely love. For many it’s going to be a trip down nostalgia, while to others it may be a learning experience. Either way, it’s going to great. I hope you enjoy it!

Note: The order posted, or rather, listed is what was listed before clicking “shuffle.” Curse the fat end that is my cursor and its shenanigans.


Friday, April 1st of 2016 Musical Inspiration Playlist photo
It’s the gaming fools playlist!


Silent Hill

I remember when I played a demo of Silent Hill on the Playstation a long, long time ago. I mean, I love survivor horror games anyway, and this was a pretty fubar story / setting, and had phenomenal music. Sometimes, I like to play the music. . .relieve some of the nostalgia in my mind; not only for the game play, but for the injections of the creepy, weird, and horror to stir within. Great stuff.

Metal Gear Solid [Metal Gear Solid 2]

For clarification. . .this is the theme from MGS2. I mean, I like the theme used in MGS, but I like this one a little more. Don’t get me wrong, I love Metal Gear Solid as much as the next guy/gal that’s grown up with the series. . .screw it, I’ll add the “all themes used video.”


Whether you’re sneaking around Walmart, creeping up on unsuspecting co-workers (that shared your enthusiasm), or playing with friends on The Division, running late for work and you crank this up and tell your supervisor, “Kept you waiting, huh?” It’s just an epic score. It swells you with some pretty raw emotions. You have to love orchestrated music. I am looking at you too, John Williams.

Keith Courage in Alpha Zones

Hang on. . .

Just wait. . .


Alright, alright, fine.

There is a huge amount of nostalgia here with this song / game for me. I am reminded of hours upon hours I’d play to beat this game when I was a fledgling. . .and dammit. . .it was awesome. The game itself had its flaws (what one doesn’t?) but Keith Courage was memorable to me for the trips in Alpha Zones aka the underworld where you’d fight the real baddies and roam around in your nova suit. When you’d want to have an epic drawn out fight you could throw this on and just go to town. Now if you’ll excuse me. . .

Final Fantasy VI

Ah. . .Final Fantasy. I could go on with a tangent about how I loved Squaresoft and was a die-hard FF fan. . .until Enix and Squaresoft became SquEnix. . .and I have felt since then, the passion has since left. . .but I won’t. Oh dear, I did a bit, didn’t I? Oh well!

Anyway, you’re about to see the spam of Final Fantasy titles filling up your screen, because I loved them. . . I loved the series prior to Final Fantasy XI: Online, but meh. Again. Long rant and stuff. If anything, I feel it’s justice to just have you play the songs themselves and enjoy them as they are. Hang on. Onion ninjas are striking.

Final Fantasy IX

The shit is hitting the fan. That’s the message you’re getting when you start this track off. It’s a fight of all fights, it’s time to save the world (again) from the big bad baddie (again) but that’s OK! Why? Because we’re doing it in style, and to a badass song.

Bonk’s Adventure

You know, I have this game. . .and Keith Courage in Alpha Zones (NEC cards), and as I said with Keith. . .nostalgia. I’d play this game to no end with my family, and it was good times to no bounds. Fortunately, you can get it on the Wii game shop, or use an emulator, so you can relive the game play, and all the fun with it. This level though, it’s so damn rooted in my mind it’s not even funny. No complaints though.

Final Fantasy X

. . .aka the game that everyone called Final Fantasy X. . .as in the letter. . .not the roman numeral that the series has been using since forever.

Also the song that everyone mistook of it being done by Rammstein. . . [The Black Mages]

Also one of the most heated fights in FFX.

Also Auron was a badass. . .and my most favorite character to use.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Song featuring the title. . .it’s a serious song. I mean, some day you will have to feast on a tree frog. Whether it’s for kicks or whatever reason, it’s a good song to play.

Snake eater. . .

Final Fantasy VII

Ah, one of my most favorite Final Fantasy titles. 7 gets a lot of flack, and yes, I am totally going to play the remake. . .and yes, I am approaching it with caution. Still, it will be played. . .for obvious reasons.

The fight with JENOVA was probably one of my most enjoyable encounters I did (with Ruby Weapon being a tryhard. . .when I didn’t have final attack or phoenix materia). Seriously, encounter fight songs are awesome to play when you wanna write an encounter, or boss fight.

Twisted Metal 4

Again, another fine song that was featured on a video game. I played the hell out of this song on the Playstation / CD player, and this stage.

Fun fact: a lot of the songs on Playstation you could play on a CD player, or extract them via CDROM drive. Hang on, I am getting my power ups. . .

Final Fantasy VIII

I think Laguna was pretty underrated in Final Fantasy VII. I’ll avoid that long mountain / iceberg / probable moon-sized text though. There was a size-able amount of fantastic songs in Final Fantasy VII, as such, in any FF game. . .and this was my choice for this playlist.

Suikoden II

Suikoden II is probably one of my all-time favorite games I’ve ever got to play (even now) hands down. I loved the story, the characters, the villains, the bosses, the combat system, everything. One of those villains. . .Neclord. . .was one of the most badass, and had this banging song to back him up. I’d do the fight, and just let the music play while I’d draw or do something else. Nowadays, we’re fortunate enough to have Youtube, mp3 files, and streaming (etc). You want to do an epic fight? You want to envision what it’s going to be like fighting the most powerful vampire versus your party of six? Here you go.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

This one is in the form of a lengthy video. . .but it’s worth it. I loved this game when I first got it, and I loved it when I played it on an emulator some years back. To me it was the perfect game to experience, and plus you got to have Bowser. . .but mostly because of Geno. Geno was a badass. Speaking of which. . .

Fantastic. Song.

Super Mario World

I always loved the music in the Mario Bros. games, however, I explicitly loved the underwater theme songs. I dunno. It’s just pleasing to me. When I’d like to write in a relaxing area, or even do a watery section. . .yep. . .we’re going there.

Chrono Trigger

What better way to end than with Lavos? Whether you’re a fan of Chrono Cross, or Trigger, or both. . . Oh and Dragon ball, because you know. If you don’t know then here’s the obvious—the characters were designed by Akira Toriyama. That name should ring a big bell for you.

I used to take a lot of the boss fight music from assorted games, back in Burning Crusade (in World of Warcraft) with the addon called Soundtrack, and play them randomly. Good times.

That about wraps it up for this go around of Musical Inspiration. I hope you all had a good time! What are some of your favorite video game tunes? List them in the comments!

Until next time!




Bonus: because I feel like it. . .

Super Mario World

Everyone loves themselves some Boos.


Musical Inspiration is an ongoing project done by Robert J. S. T. McCartney, here on A.B.Normal Publishing [originally as Music That Inspires You].

So I Made a Book. . .

Cover for Lilah's Guide to Hoyle
This isn’t the final retail version. Obvious flaws are obvious.

For some people it’s no big deal. However, for me, personally, it’s a big deal. Now I am not setting out to be the next New York Times Bestseller. Granted, I’d love it, but that’s not my intent. I am doing this. . .all of this. . .all the writing, the stories, the creativity, all the pouring of my soul and very essence. . .into my stories that I’ll be sharing with everyone.

I am proud of myself, my friends that have helped, and thankful of those who’ve been critical in my ascension. Whether it was “You’re a comma whore,” or “your shit stinks, fix it,” or whatever. It’s been a stepping stone in moving on up and getting this stuff out there.

Now, we’re in a total satisfaction right now kind of movement in society. That is where you want and expect results RIGHT NOW. Some things that will work with. . .others. . .not so much.

I’ve been actively writing since late 2008 since our car accident. I’ve had my highs, my lows, and so much shit go every which way I couldn’t see straight, let alone in color. I found comfort in writing. That. . .at first. . .was one reason why I started. It helped more than confiding in family, in a therapist, or friends. You see, even though you love your friends, your family, you are still vigilant. . .still hiding behind a wall. . .in what exactly you’re willing to share. With a third party, you may tend to be more careful what you share because they could toss your ass in a loony bin and other shenanigans.

Bottom line, you hold back. You watch what you say so you don’t make others that care about you worry, and you try to please the masses. Now, I know some folks don’t give a damn about what others say, do, and so on. Good for you. Others tend to freak out over the most trivial of shit though and eventually blow it out of proportion; keep recycling it in their mind that eventually is just a horrible, horrible toxin that is poisoning you subconsciously. It’s just plain bad news. Sure, you can forgive and forget, forgive and remember, don’t, keep grudges and that variable sorted lot. . .but why?

You can do many great things in life, but if you foul up once. . .that could be what people / history remember you by. Learn to let things go. Learn to move on. Learn to cope. Isn’t that what life is about?

Though the journey may be hard (nothing is ever easy in the first place) you will encounter friends, family, and others along the way that will shape your life experiences. Knowledge is just a small part of a much bigger puzzle, and believe me, there are hundreds of thousands (if not, millions) of pieces you will amass.

So. . .bringing back to the book. It’s an experience, for me at least. I wrote it with my best friend whom I’ve known since elementary school. Thinking about it, it’s pretty crazy as to how long I’ve known him. I have others that I’ve known since I can remember. Granted, our sisters were friends prior to our meeting, so we’d like to say we’ve been friends forever.

This experience taught me a lot of things. One being that I loved to write and I enjoyed it immensely. The other, I love the supernatural; angels, demons, ghosts, goblins, David Bowie. I can’t stop wanting to learn, to evolve, to adapt. . . I can’t stop wanting to write and to fill my shelves with the books I’ve written. It’s just a fascinating and fulfilling feeling.

I’ve known a few people who’ve said that they’ve wanted to write a book, but never could. . .or lack the imagination, or some other variable that hinders their doing so. I had similar feelings at one point. . .However, mine was because it was frowned upon to submit a paper at school depicting some unsavory things, practices, and word usage—whatever it was that went against the curricular. To which I get it. You have to build kids up before you send them out to make them adults. . .the whole fledgling nonsense.

Start small. Whether it’s a few words, a few pages, a few sentences, paragraphs, whatever you gauge and deem worthy for a day, an hour, whatever have you the time to spare. Do it. Don’t let your imagination, your own creativity starve, or be shut out because you believe you lack the confidence or skill to do so. That’s why there are editing services. That’s why there is copywriting / copyediting. What you do is write unhinged, unbound, and just churn that shit out on paper (and pen) or on the computer. Go. To. Town. The whole point is this: do it. Or you could go the Nike route. Don’t wonder and then some years later have regrets.

This is why I am doing it. So I can say to my friends, my family, other folks—I am a writer. I wrote this, this, this, and this. I am working on this. So on and so forth.

Now, Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle, though it is finished. . .I still have some things to do for it. I am aiming to have it released this summer, but if I have to push it back then I will. I rather polish it up, and keep it nice and shiny. To which I’d say it’ll be released when I deem it ready to. However, I feel it to be ready—soon.
Spine for Lilah's Guide to HoyleBack cover for Lilah's Guide to Hoyle





This copy here. . .this is my blood, sweat, tears, and hours upon hours of mind movie footage that I love to play over and over, and fucking over in my mind. It’s something that I will never get tired of, and something I will gladly read to my kids, grand kids, and hope that they pass on. To some folks. . .they have a family bible. This? This right here is my family bible.

I’ll probably put up an excerpt soon.

I’ll also give a teaser of the new cover when it’s ready.

Actually, just stay tuned. There’s a lot that’s going to be taking place here real soon. It’s going to be big, it’s going to be exciting and I want everyone to be involved. I want everyone to be able to partake. . .and enjoy. . .in the adventures of Dana, Walter, Lilah, and the universe I’ve created with them. . .and so much more.

For now, I thank those that have come to follow me. I hope. . .and look forward to those that will in time, and I will not ever stop speaking my mind, nor bend to the rules. I will be different. I will be me. . .and I encourage others to be themselves. Be anything. . .but normal.


Musical Inspiration

So here we are. The first new Musical Inspiration from Tennessee! It’s been a bit delayed, yes, I will agree with that. However, things have been hectic and well, there’s no short of that whatsoever.

Today I kicked things off with a playlist I generated on my phone. It starts from the top to bottom. I know, a little strange. I planned it like so.

Musical Inspiration - Monday 10 Playlist for Monday's 10 Musical Inspiration - Monday 10 songs


Kicking it off is one of my favorite jams by The Deli Creeps – Time.

It’s a great song with some great vocals done by Maximum Bob and some hot guitar action from Buckethead. I know. My boner for Buckethead is strong. Get over it. I like his music.

Next up is Morphine with You Speak My Language.

I can’t. . .not sing along with this, or resist the urge to want to play along. It’s a good upbeat tune.

The Misfits – Where Eagles Dare

I like to play this when I encounter a fair-sized group of either a) mobs b) players and just decimate them. Why? Because I ain’t no goddamn son of a bitch [and it’s red].

The Hypnosonics – What “Jazz” Means to Me

There is a Morphine version as well that was done live. I concur that this is what Jazz means to me as well.

Praxis – Warcraft (Bruce Lee’s Black Hour of Chaos)

When I ran the addon Soundtrack back in the days of Burning Crusade [World of Warcraft] I used to have this song set to Nagrand. I remember there was a pit-fighter from both factions that were training. That and this is called Warcraft. . .in World of Warcraft. Suits it well, don’t you think?

Buckethead – Towel in the Kitchen

This is just another fun jam session that just fuels me up with some creativity. I get ideas from almost anything, and little ditties like these help with that. Again. Buckethead boner. My music library on my phone isn’t as large as the one on my computer. Go ahead and laugh with me.

Buckethead – Kansas Storm

Some times, I’d listen to this and just imagine on the road going through Kansas or any open road in a state. . .and witnessing a massive storm. Just a serene, tranquil storm whilst traveling through. It’s the little things.

Death Cube K – Maggot Dream

Death Cube K is Buckethead, just a different side of him. This is a lot more ambient and some intensely in-depth stuff. Maggot Dream is pretty much one of the best songs to just relax to, or think about all the things in life.

M. Ward – Sad, Sad Song

Some people give me shit for liking M. Ward but to those I say step off. You’re to enjoy the music, not squabble about it. I used to listen to this song a lot some years back, along with Vincent O’ Brien.

The Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion

A blast from the past! This is pretty much self-explanatory in all regards. This Corrosion gives massive amounts of inspiration and makes you sing along. . .and seek out some black leather, shades, and pierce your ears.

Well! That about wraps it up for this episode of Musical Inspiration. I’ll be posting another one soon. . .just don’t quote me on it. 😉

Until next time!


Home, Inspiration. . .and Gone

Home, Inspiration. . .and Gone

A Fond Farewell to Mason, MI

by Robert J. T. McCartney


Ingham County Courthouse


Since I first arrived in Mason several years ago with my family after our car accident, I fell in love with its town square. It was a nostalgia throwback to me from the yesteryears of my youth, where I grew up in South Lyon; the old aesthetic feel and architecture, along with that small town feel, and you were in a centralized location to go to shopping centers or stores.

Ingham County Courthouse from The Vault
Ingham County Courthouse viewed from The Vault.


It was here where I became inspired by the Ingham County Courthouse’s clock and its peak. In the months that followed since settling down, I began my dive in writing, and I haven’t turned back since then. I’ve always fancied it during the day, however, I am found myself more enthralled by it at night. I once had a conversation with a friend whom regarded the clock as a resemblance of the Eye of Sauron that overlooked the small city. To which, coming in from the outskirts of town you can see it peeking through the trees, watching as you wander around town.

Ingham County Courthouse At Night
The night shows a different kind of life.

I’ve always liked the nightlife in Mason, there’s just something about it. . . The way the streets are illuminated and your shadow is cast, it really does make for quite a lovely stroll during the night. On windy fall [summer, too] nights, there is an enchanting and bewitching atmosphere that seems to fall across the town square. It’s as if you were to expect a witch to fly across the heavens. In short, it doesn’t quite mirror that New England placement, off on the eastern shore of the US, where the witch folklore is most prominent, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spin a tale that could. . .by chance have one [or two] make an appearance.

Ingham County Courthouse at night time.
From the City Hall parking lot.


I’d hope to revisit Mason again someday as it truly felt like a home to me. I enjoyed all the years living here with my family, and all the people I came across and became acquainted with. Especially, the staff and students at Heartwood School, Dean Transportation, and the many businesses in downtown [I’ll miss The Vault a lot. Great place.]. Our daughter, Zelda, will miss you all as well.

Who knows, maybe that clock face, the courthouse, and downtown will be featured once again, in a story. . .real soon. With that said. . .so long, Mason, Michigan. Thanks for all the great people and the wondrous places you house.