Hanging on to a Thought

A poem in remembrance of an “artist” but as a person who also suffered from the demons and fought against them. For Chester Bennington and those who suffer… and continue to suffer.

Even though you’re gone,
We’ll keep moving on.
You’ll be another thought—a memory,
Someone who was just like me.

You should hear the things that they say
That you “quit and threw it all away.”

That “you didn’t care about the rest world,”
“Selfish. Good riddance.” Other “sentiments” hurled.

Though, I know that you’re somewhere around,
Safely watching all the things that will become unbound.

They say it’s a joke, a cop-out, and easy to quit,
“Live. Let love.  C’mon, man, take another hit.”

To leave behind all that you love and make a great escape,
When we live and breed in a world full of greed and hate.

For when the demons have finally won, what more is there to say?
“Why did you give up. Why didn’t you stay?”

So often we say that we’re fine,
Debating, procrastinating, biding my time.

When will it be?
All this misery…

Too many times I’ve put it all down,
Not to let myself be consumed, pulled under and drown.
Letting others know that it’s not my time to go.
And though I smile and try to be strong,
My thoughts, they’re dark; caged, I don’t know how long.

Eventually, the dam will break,
All that has been locked away—will I wake?

It’ll be a day where there’s no preparation,
Maybe then we can have our conversation.

In the end, we die alone,
But in life we’re lights, shone.
To each other in the dark,
We guide one another, looking for our spark.

And so your story might have ended,
Those who are lost will continue to be tended.
Our invisible wounds from which that we bleed,
All the pain and agony inside which has sown its seed.

We’re not alone in our daily struggle,
But the world makes it harder to “love your neighbor.”
Frowned upon and looked down on,
Being called “a freak,” and “you should kill yourself.”

The problem isn’t us or those that already hurt,
It’s those that antagonize and do so spurt—
Content and think they’re “safe” behind their computer screen,
When they’ve never even met you or me.

So I understand why you felt you had to go,
I only wish you could have lived to see life so.

What wonders that maybe… the world will bring,
Even though we’ll never hear you sing.


Comfortably numb do I exist,
Still, I’ll fight and continue to resist.
The darkness and horror that lives within,
So that maybe others can be helped—that they can see what life’s like when it begins.

Rest easy, and thanks for all you’ve done.


A small post saying “get well, Phil,” and other nonsense that you probably don’t care about.

Tonight! Tonight! —A few things.

  1. Get better, Phil Collins!
  2. Still waiting on my AMD RX 580…
  3. Going to try a video tonight with my R9 instead on World of Warcraft (or stream).
  4. There will be good times regardless!

That’s about it really. I’ve been busy with other things going on in relation to writing, parenting, planning, trip planning, and doing the Polka… and lawn maintenance.

So I hope to be sharing some good times and more with you all… soon!

Link of the Mount

Link of the Mount

Link is climbing a mountain,

Why is he climbing a mountain?

Link is climbing a mountain,

Why is he climbing a mountain?

To hug the mountain,

To envelop that mountain.

To hug the mountain,

To envelop that mountain.

To hug the mountain—that mountain.

He wants to make love to the mountain.

Why does Link climb the mountain?

Because he’s in love.



Based off of Fall on Your Sword’s “Shatner of the Mount.”


I bought the oil canvas painting of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild via ThinkGeek for my wife (since she’s a huge Zelda fan, and our daughter is… well… Zelda.) Anyway, I first thought while purchasing this, you know what? Shatner of the Mount… but with Link.

Lo and behold, it was on point.

So there you have it. A random post of a gorgeous, 1 of 600 oil canvas of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild… and William Shatner… and Fall on Your Sword—all in one!

Now I have to move some other pictures around. *le sigh*

Well, until next time!



[Originally published on RJM by RJM]

Great Things Happen in Twos.

Rob aka “Sin” goes on his latest tale of having seen Buckethead in Nashville, TN on 6/3. He was moist.


Exit/In’s Marquee


So, this weekend Buckethead was in Tennessee for some shows… I happened to go to the Nashville, TN showing on 6/3.

Honestly, if I had planned this out and life was pretty good and kind to me, I’d have gone to every showing while he was here (huge thanks to my wife for letting me go, though saying it isn’t enough). That’s alright though because there is a small glimmer of hope of perhaps one day seeing him and all his friends together. If that day ever came, I’d be signing up. Praxis. That would be some serious shit too.


The stage.


In any case, it was a fantastic show, and I will say that each show was unique in its way. I will say I am partial to Detroit’s show because I saw it with close friends. However, this one was unique in its way for those I met, (even though some folks, I didn’t get the chance to catch their names, or exchange info), and also for him to slap that bass this time…and his nunchucks. I always love meeting the fans too. I met some cool folks in Nashville. All ranging from some that have been following Buckethead for a long, long, long time now. To it being their first show, to even folks who were just coming into Bucketheadland [that is to say, discovering his music].


The venue was quaint too. I liked it. Exit/In was a pretty great place for this show. Everyone had a good time and rocked out together to Buckethead. What more could you ask for? How about hitting that killswitch and getting some toys? Yeah. Some life goals were achieved. Although, I find myself with an insatiable appetite for seeing the man with a bucket on his head playing to a crowd of great people more now. Yes, my friends, I have an addiction and the only cure is a prescription for more Buckethead. Let’s say it’s for therapy? Yes, lets.


Buckethead serenading us.


I have plans…plans for the souvenirs I’ve collected thus far, and well, I don’t want to spoil it too much. Let’s just say that it’s going to be awesome, and it’ll make you moist.

I hope to meet more fans of BH in the future and that we all get to enjoy more Buckethead goodness.

Until next time!


There, Before Us, Did There Stand a Guitar Thrashing God [Sin’s Trip to Detroit, MI]

Photos and a brief post on the Buckethead concert at The Majestic Theater in Detroit, MI on 4/26/2016.

No, really.

Buckethead at The Majestic Theater
And here he stands, Buckethead, from Bucketheadland. Look upon him and all his guitar thrashing glory!


The Majestic Theater
The Majestic Theater (Photo by Sancho)


Buckethead stares into your soul. . .
Buckethead stares into your soul. . . (Photo by Sancho)

So, on April 26, 2016, I got to see a fantastic spectacle that took place in Detroit, MI at the Majestic Theater. The doors opened up wide for the fans, that mind you, were wrapped around the block. Us, as a trio, dove right in with our tickets in hand. Well, two of us, since we don’t let Joe drink. It’s all for a good cause, and Sancho and I made up for our fair share of consumption. Buckethead took the stage at around 9:30 PM and we were all ready to rock.

Check out Giant Robot (from Giant Robo).
Check out Giant Robot (from Giant Robo).

Buckethead at The Majestic Theater

I’ve seen videos of his performances, and even then I was impressed beyond belief, but seeing it. . .seeing it before your very eyes is an entirely different sighting. To say the least, I was loving every minute of watching his hands play the hell out of his marvelous guitar.

There are few things in life that I ever get to say “I was there,” let alone be apart of. All the fans that were there, and one we met after the show (Tom, if you’re reading this buddy, you are one cool cat!). Seriously, it was like I knew a fair portion of folks there that were all about jamming out with Buckethead. It was an honor to rock out with you all, and I hope to see other fans at other settings.

It’s also great to see a musician perform live. Why? Well, it’s particularly important to me because, with the inspiration I draw from their work, let alone sense the emotions, blood, sweat, and so on that they pour in to their material. I mean, I listen to a lot of these guys probably far too much for the average fan. . .but don’t get me wrong, I am not super fan status, nor am I claiming so.

I still would have loved to see Primus last year (damn you, Joe) and, of course, see Morphine (with Sandman). That goes though with seeing a lot of other musicians that have touched me in ways (go ahead, you already thought of it. . .you dirty, dirty folk, you!) that just. . .ah, words cannot describe it. This time around, it was like going to see your hero or something along those lines and getting that reassurance that they are totally badass, awesome, and will totally melt your face off.

Last year didn’t disappoint either when I saw Death Cab for Cutie, which was an incredible show too, but that’s not what this is about.

I still plan to visit Boston and see The Vapors of Morphine, and would hope (and pray) that I am treated to see Laurie Sargent and Monique Ortiz around. I can dream, right? There are other reasons why I want to visit Boston, but they’re on the #1 slot as to why. Needless to say, there’s planning to be done.

It was a helluva night, and I am certainly going to cherish that memory with my friends (and all those fans).

Until next time! Rock on!

Mike aka “Sancho,” Rob aka “Sin,” and Joe


My Music Playlist For Early Friday Morning

It’s about 2:50 am. . .ish, and I am diving head first doing a cannonball into some of my projects. No, this isn’t one of them, this is just a sprinkle on a cake. Don’t worry, it’s going to be super moist.

[If you cringed at the word moist, I am loving it.]

I thought I’d share what exactly I am listening to and what it is that is inspiring me lately. Well it looks something like this. . .

Robert J. S. T. McCartney's iTunes Music Playlist for 4/22/16
Friday! Friday! Friday!

As you can see, at least I’d hope you can. . .there’s a bit of Fall on Your Sword, Gallowbraid, Interpol, Gorillaz, Guns N’ Roses, Infected Mushroom, Giuliano Sorgini (Let Sleeping Corpses Lie. . .great zombie flick), Metallica, and more. A lot more. . . Also in case you’re wondering what was playing, it’s Europe with The Final Countdown. Suitable because I will eventually go to sleep.

A fun thing is next week I am going to a Buckethead concert, which I am excited for. My good friend saw Primus live recently—last year I believe it was, and said it was a fantastic show. To be honest, I was a bit jealous, but hell, we’re going to see Buckethead finally. Lifetime goal out of 9,001 will be achieved.

Some may say that there is a few repeats as to what’s on here, but eh, I like this playlist. I had dubbed it my WPvP playlist, but I do believe I am done with WoW (World of Warcraft) until Legion, the next expansion, gets released. Maybe. You know how it is. . .priorities.

Well, we’ve shuffled to Parting of the Sensory by Modest Mouse. . .and with that I’ll say goodnight. Everyone, have a great weekend.



Musical Inspiration is an ongoing project done by Robert J. S. T. McCartney, here on A.B.Normal Publishing [originally as Music That Inspires You].

Musical Inspiration

Happy Friday, folks. I trust you’re enjoying the day, and if you’re not, well that’s just too damn bad.

What I have for you a bit of a change-up. . .not really, as it still pertains to music, just in a different scheme of things. What am I talking about? Well, I am glad you asked me telepathically! I am talking about the music in video games.

Count them up; how many video games have you played your entire lifespan thus far, and of those played, has the music been so everlasting, so wonderful, that it’s been deeply rooted into your brain? Music already takes root in our minds and is memorable, but if its catchy enough, you can be thinking about it without even noticing it.

What follows are some of the many, many, many games I’ve played. . .and absolutely love. For many it’s going to be a trip down nostalgia, while to others it may be a learning experience. Either way, it’s going to great. I hope you enjoy it!

Note: The order posted, or rather, listed is what was listed before clicking “shuffle.” Curse the fat end that is my cursor and its shenanigans.


Friday, April 1st of 2016 Musical Inspiration Playlist photo
It’s the gaming fools playlist!


Silent Hill

I remember when I played a demo of Silent Hill on the Playstation a long, long time ago. I mean, I love survivor horror games anyway, and this was a pretty fubar story / setting, and had phenomenal music. Sometimes, I like to play the music. . .relieve some of the nostalgia in my mind; not only for the game play, but for the injections of the creepy, weird, and horror to stir within. Great stuff.

Metal Gear Solid [Metal Gear Solid 2]

For clarification. . .this is the theme from MGS2. I mean, I like the theme used in MGS, but I like this one a little more. Don’t get me wrong, I love Metal Gear Solid as much as the next guy/gal that’s grown up with the series. . .screw it, I’ll add the “all themes used video.”


Whether you’re sneaking around Walmart, creeping up on unsuspecting co-workers (that shared your enthusiasm), or playing with friends on The Division, running late for work and you crank this up and tell your supervisor, “Kept you waiting, huh?” It’s just an epic score. It swells you with some pretty raw emotions. You have to love orchestrated music. I am looking at you too, John Williams.

Keith Courage in Alpha Zones

Hang on. . .

Just wait. . .


Alright, alright, fine.

There is a huge amount of nostalgia here with this song / game for me. I am reminded of hours upon hours I’d play to beat this game when I was a fledgling. . .and dammit. . .it was awesome. The game itself had its flaws (what one doesn’t?) but Keith Courage was memorable to me for the trips in Alpha Zones aka the underworld where you’d fight the real baddies and roam around in your nova suit. When you’d want to have an epic drawn out fight you could throw this on and just go to town. Now if you’ll excuse me. . .

Final Fantasy VI

Ah. . .Final Fantasy. I could go on with a tangent about how I loved Squaresoft and was a die-hard FF fan. . .until Enix and Squaresoft became SquEnix. . .and I have felt since then, the passion has since left. . .but I won’t. Oh dear, I did a bit, didn’t I? Oh well!

Anyway, you’re about to see the spam of Final Fantasy titles filling up your screen, because I loved them. . . I loved the series prior to Final Fantasy XI: Online, but meh. Again. Long rant and stuff. If anything, I feel it’s justice to just have you play the songs themselves and enjoy them as they are. Hang on. Onion ninjas are striking.

Final Fantasy IX

The shit is hitting the fan. That’s the message you’re getting when you start this track off. It’s a fight of all fights, it’s time to save the world (again) from the big bad baddie (again) but that’s OK! Why? Because we’re doing it in style, and to a badass song.

Bonk’s Adventure

You know, I have this game. . .and Keith Courage in Alpha Zones (NEC cards), and as I said with Keith. . .nostalgia. I’d play this game to no end with my family, and it was good times to no bounds. Fortunately, you can get it on the Wii game shop, or use an emulator, so you can relive the game play, and all the fun with it. This level though, it’s so damn rooted in my mind it’s not even funny. No complaints though.

Final Fantasy X

. . .aka the game that everyone called Final Fantasy X. . .as in the letter. . .not the roman numeral that the series has been using since forever.

Also the song that everyone mistook of it being done by Rammstein. . . [The Black Mages]

Also one of the most heated fights in FFX.

Also Auron was a badass. . .and my most favorite character to use.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Song featuring the title. . .it’s a serious song. I mean, some day you will have to feast on a tree frog. Whether it’s for kicks or whatever reason, it’s a good song to play.

Snake eater. . .

Final Fantasy VII

Ah, one of my most favorite Final Fantasy titles. 7 gets a lot of flack, and yes, I am totally going to play the remake. . .and yes, I am approaching it with caution. Still, it will be played. . .for obvious reasons.

The fight with JENOVA was probably one of my most enjoyable encounters I did (with Ruby Weapon being a tryhard. . .when I didn’t have final attack or phoenix materia). Seriously, encounter fight songs are awesome to play when you wanna write an encounter, or boss fight.

Twisted Metal 4

Again, another fine song that was featured on a video game. I played the hell out of this song on the Playstation / CD player, and this stage.

Fun fact: a lot of the songs on Playstation you could play on a CD player, or extract them via CDROM drive. Hang on, I am getting my power ups. . .

Final Fantasy VIII

I think Laguna was pretty underrated in Final Fantasy VII. I’ll avoid that long mountain / iceberg / probable moon-sized text though. There was a size-able amount of fantastic songs in Final Fantasy VII, as such, in any FF game. . .and this was my choice for this playlist.

Suikoden II

Suikoden II is probably one of my all-time favorite games I’ve ever got to play (even now) hands down. I loved the story, the characters, the villains, the bosses, the combat system, everything. One of those villains. . .Neclord. . .was one of the most badass, and had this banging song to back him up. I’d do the fight, and just let the music play while I’d draw or do something else. Nowadays, we’re fortunate enough to have Youtube, mp3 files, and streaming (etc). You want to do an epic fight? You want to envision what it’s going to be like fighting the most powerful vampire versus your party of six? Here you go.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

This one is in the form of a lengthy video. . .but it’s worth it. I loved this game when I first got it, and I loved it when I played it on an emulator some years back. To me it was the perfect game to experience, and plus you got to have Bowser. . .but mostly because of Geno. Geno was a badass. Speaking of which. . .

Fantastic. Song.

Super Mario World

I always loved the music in the Mario Bros. games, however, I explicitly loved the underwater theme songs. I dunno. It’s just pleasing to me. When I’d like to write in a relaxing area, or even do a watery section. . .yep. . .we’re going there.

Chrono Trigger

What better way to end than with Lavos? Whether you’re a fan of Chrono Cross, or Trigger, or both. . . Oh and Dragon ball, because you know. If you don’t know then here’s the obvious—the characters were designed by Akira Toriyama. That name should ring a big bell for you.

I used to take a lot of the boss fight music from assorted games, back in Burning Crusade (in World of Warcraft) with the addon called Soundtrack, and play them randomly. Good times.

That about wraps it up for this go around of Musical Inspiration. I hope you all had a good time! What are some of your favorite video game tunes? List them in the comments!

Until next time!




Bonus: because I feel like it. . .

Super Mario World

Everyone loves themselves some Boos.


Musical Inspiration is an ongoing project done by Robert J. S. T. McCartney, here on A.B.Normal Publishing [originally as Music That Inspires You].