My Music Playlist For Early Friday Morning

It’s about 2:50 am. . .ish, and I am diving head first doing a cannonball into some of my projects. No, this isn’t one of them, this is just a sprinkle on a cake. Don’t worry, it’s going to be super moist.

[If you cringed at the word moist, I am loving it.]

I thought I’d share what exactly I am listening to and what it is that is inspiring me lately. Well it looks something like this. . .

Robert J. S. T. McCartney's iTunes Music Playlist for 4/22/16
Friday! Friday! Friday!

As you can see, at least I’d hope you can. . .there’s a bit of Fall on Your Sword, Gallowbraid, Interpol, Gorillaz, Guns N’ Roses, Infected Mushroom, Giuliano Sorgini (Let Sleeping Corpses Lie. . .great zombie flick), Metallica, and more. A lot more. . . Also in case you’re wondering what was playing, it’s Europe with The Final Countdown. Suitable because I will eventually go to sleep.

A fun thing is next week I am going to a Buckethead concert, which I am excited for. My good friend saw Primus live recently—last year I believe it was, and said it was a fantastic show. To be honest, I was a bit jealous, but hell, we’re going to see Buckethead finally. Lifetime goal out of 9,001 will be achieved.

Some may say that there is a few repeats as to what’s on here, but eh, I like this playlist. I had dubbed it my WPvP playlist, but I do believe I am done with WoW (World of Warcraft) until Legion, the next expansion, gets released. Maybe. You know how it is. . .priorities.

Well, we’ve shuffled to Parting of the Sensory by Modest Mouse. . .and with that I’ll say goodnight. Everyone, have a great weekend.



Musical Inspiration is an ongoing project done by Robert J. S. T. McCartney, here on A.B.Normal Publishing [originally as Music That Inspires You].

Good Friday = Good Vibes

Another year and we’re already flying through 2016. Where time goes is anyone’s guess, but clearly it’s in the fast lane.

I’ve always noticed that time seemed to just flow on like an overcharged race car hyped up on more than just Mountain Dew. Yesterday it seemed like I was coming home to celebrate being 18. . .and now I’ll be going on 30. Cheese and rice. It’s alright though, a lot has come and gone, as it’s destined to be for us all. Normally, I’d be up all night wondering what the absolute fuck am I going to do about death and all that shenanigan shit, but eh, it happens. There’s not a damn thing you can do about it. So why lose sleep over the inevitable? Just enjoy the here and now; what you’ve got, and if some twit tells you otherwise. . .just walk away. You don’t need that shit.

Now, it’s Good Friday and well. . .make it a Good Friday! I’ve put on a playlist that’s got me in a pretty chill mood. It’s a solid straight line, in my opinion anyways. So, what’s on deck you say? Glad you asked! Here’s today’s dish. . .


You may see some repeats but that’s besides the point.

Note: I know some songs may appear mislabeled. I have more than one copy on my drives. Don’t ask why.


Death Cab for Cutie – No Room in Frame

One of my favorite songs off of Kintsugi. I also enjoyed seeing it performed live when I saw DCFC in 2015 at the Fox Theater on my birthday. It was a fantastic show. This song, along with Ghosts of Beverly Drive, Black Sun (as far as new material) always find a way to a playlist of mine. In fact, most DCFC songs find a way to any playlist of mine. Addictive stuff. In a good way.

Death Cab for Cutie – Grapevine Fires

I personally love this song. Granted, the video that plays within my own mind is different, it’s in similar fashion to which man burns with the world, but in the end it’s alright. Because nature will carry on without us, just as it did before us, and as it will after we are gone. It also gives you a sense of peace. It’s fubar, yes, but meh. It’s Death Cab. . .

Less Than Jake – The Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out / Screws Fall Out

This song is a personal one. In part because I’ve sang it to my wife whilst at my first LTJ show, while using my good friend Greg’s cell phone. . .because mine had died. To which, thanks Greg-o. I had bought this album, Anthem, and the LTJ EP. Together I took them along with her signed Losing Streak album and fashioned them into lovely picture, along with a ticket I bought her when we were not yet together. It may seem dumb to some, but it meant everything to me. . .let alone her.

This also speaks to me because it’s true. With all the nonsense life throws at you; the ups and downs. . . It’s a clusterfuck. It also let me in on the fact that you can have a lot of friends, you can also have just a few. But as time goes on people leave you. Whether it is death, moving, growing up, whatever the case. They get replaced. . .either with new ones, or they stay the same. It’s not limited to just them, but also you. . .yourself. You grow up. You change. It’s all about changing. Great back to back song.

I now have the urge to play David Bowie – Changes though.

Interpol – Pace is the Trick

One of my favorite Interpol songs right here. I get in a toe tap frenzy with this song, and just start cranking out the words.

Interpol – NYC

You’d think that with a song named NYC it’d be called. . .New York City. Nope. New York Cares. Clever. It’s also an interesting take on that the subway is a porno. Regardless, it’s a fantastic song, and I love it.

Morphine – Pretty Face

I love Morphine, what else can I say? I’ve always loved the sound, the lyrics, and Sandman. This song just reassures it 110%.

Mark Sandman – They Bent Me

A fun song by Sandman. You just have to listen to it. I find it fun to play through when I am having a guy just happening to have a shitty day.

Of Monsters and Men – Dirty Paws

I’ve liked Of Monsters and Men before they made their way over to the States for awhile, and this song was one of my favorites that stood out. I also found it a good touch when they added this song to the movie called The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It’s a great film if you haven’t seen it yet. Recommended. I just like the storytelling that is intermingled within the playback. Pretty simple.

AC/DC – Thunderstruck

This is a classic, in which case, pretty self-explanatory. Whenever I’d have World of Warcraft up, I’d have this rolling somewhere on a playlist. This was also featured when my raid group fought against the Thunder King in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Good times. You just can’t go wrong with some AC/DC.

Less Than Jake – The Ghosts of You and Me

Ah, some good old Less Than Jake. This was another favorite of mine off the Anthem album. Well, I guess Anthem was kind of the anthem of my life at that point of time. Relationships. Some last, some don’t. Some things are just better left unsaid.

[Ha. . .that’s also an MXPX song (Unsaid). . .and Daryl Hall and John Oates. OK. . .it’s a saying and there are plenty of songs with it as its title. I’m done.]

That about wraps it up. I hope everyone had a good Friday, and that you all enjoy your Easter. Whether you celebrate it or not. Have a great weekend.

Oh and just because. . .

David Bowie – Changes

Music That Inspires You

Monday is here, and that means it’s back to the grind. I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day weekend and was sure to massacre folks. You didn’t? Well then. . .I trust you enjoyed Deadpool, yes? Good. You better have!

Let’s tear into those juicy beating musical hearts! Go Planet!

Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson- Say Say Say

A fantastic collaboration between two musical greats. I’ve always enjoyed Say Say Say.

To that, collaborating is a great thing to do. For obvious reasons, it’s an experience that gives you insight on another, granted depending on the project, and what it entails exactly. You can come to learn a great deal regarding collaborative efforts.

Unfortunately, not every time one collaborates does it result in a. . .positive outcome.

Bah. I digress, but t’was for a good gesture—informative purposes—of course.

Say Say Say is credited to both Sir Paul McCartney, and to the late Michael Jackson. Below, McCartney had released a “remixed” version of the song, where the singing roles are reversed (i.e. McCartney singing Jackson’s lyrics, whilst Jackson sings McCartney’s). There is also an instrumental version, in which you can download via

Say Say Say 2015 Remix

Fleetwood Mac – Little Lies

Oh Fleetwood Mac. . . Jokes aside, this is one of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs. I like the composition, the lyrics, and its portrayal (if you will) of some. . .certain members in the group.

Massive Attack – Butterfly Caught

Every time I’d listen to this. . .the opening part would seem like it was skipping. You know, the sound when you’d play a CD on a CD player—wait, not a whole lot know. . .OK, well. . .

I first thought I was hearing things, because it seemed like it was skipping [the song] and then I later realized. . .derp. . .that was intended.

The video to this is also pretty great, which can be found on the bottom of this segment. It gives an added depth of the song and its meaning.

We’ve reached the bottom!


Billy Squier – Everybody Wants You

Probably known from the many trailers for Burn Notice, which by the way, was a fantastic series on USA, and no, it wasn’t just because of Bruce’s mighty chin and dashing looks. I could give a list of reasons, but hey, it’s on Netflix, or Huluu. . .whatever you use for streaming. Go. Play. It’s not like you’re going to read the rest of this anyway. Hell, you’re probably not even reading this to begin with!

“Talking to yourself again?”

Quiet Bear God. You’re not supposed to be here.

“I can’t help it if you write me in wherever. . .”

While this is true, I am busy. Go back to your page / panel. I’ll get to you soon.

Anyway. . .as I was saying. . .this is a pretty good song. As far as Billy Squier songs go though, I think this is a tie for The Stroke. . .not quite sure. It’s up there though.

It’s a good song to describe if. . .well. . .everybody wants you.

M. Ward – Rave On

It’s a great take on Sonny West’s song, which was made more famous by the late Buddy Holly. It’s a great song, in all its existing formats and covers. Here is M. Ward’s take on it (featuring Zooey Deschanel).

I invite you to listen to all the versions. Hell, you make even fall in love with one of them, or two. . .or all of them!

Sonny West


Buddy Holly


Bruce Springsteen


John Mellencamp


Steeleye Span


Status Quo


The Hullaballoos


Julian Casablancas

Less Than Jake – Nervous in The Alley

Ah, one of my favorite songs from the good old days. I remember when I picked up this album, Hello Rockview, I connected to it instantly, and well. . .what can I say? This album makes me so full of the nostalgia, it’s like oozing. I kid, it’s not really ooze. . .or any other fluid, it’s just a lot of good memories, and bad memories.

It’s a great album that I definitely recommend anyone to pick it up. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, I bet you, if you listen to this album for two weeks, you’ll be singing, humming, or tapping your foot to it at some point.

That’s what we should do. We should introduce two week challenges for people to listen to stuff they’d normally not like, and see if their opinion changes.

An evil and maniacal laugh ensues. The crowd becomes insatiable by music lust. No wait, that’s just Woodstock. . .or Bonnaroo.

That wraps it up for this edition of Music That Inspires You. Check back Wednesday for more good tunes and times.

Got a song and/or artist you like, and want to share? Drop it in the comments!


Music That Inspires You

It’s finally Friday! TGIF! The weekend is here! Also that means that it’s time to go see Deadpool. To everyone that is going out and seeing it tonight, rock on. I hope everyone has an enjoyable experience.

For now, let’s get the morning over with, so we can go out and enjoy the night!

[In case you missed Monday and Wednesday.]

Margret Garret and The Conjure Beat – Even Though You’re Gone (For Mark Sandman)

This is a great song dedicated to the late Mark Sandman. Props to the band, and thanks for creating a helluva piece.

Morphine – Shade & Shadow (I Know You Parts IV & V)

These are actually two songs by Morphine. One is called  Shade (I Know You Part IV) while the other is called Shadow (I Know You Part V). I ended up taking them and mixing them together one night in a span of about 10 – 20 minutes, and well. . .this was the result. I had bet, that eventually, the band would have released the two as one, since they were mirror images, and the sounds were the same.

Ben Gibbard – Bigger Than Love [Featuring Aimee Mann]

I found this while just clicking around some time ago, when there was an eclipse back in 2012, and Bill Nye was giving a speech about it [I was watching it via NASA’s site], and they played this. It struck a chord with me, and well. . .I enjoyed it needless to say.

It’s a song about F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Fitzgerald.

Evil Cowards – 500 Ways

This is a great tune. Some may disagree, and that’s fine, I can respect that. However, this 4:36 long song packs a wallop, and just gets you in a great mood. It’s just that kind of fun. Deal with it!

Rammstein – Adios [Goodbye]

Another great hit by Rammstein, and it’s a heavy hitter. I used to play this shit out of this song when I would be on my way to work, and whilst at work. That guitar thrashing gives you a rush. . .ah. . .

It’s a wonderful song with depressing lyrics. . .but hell. . .it is Goodbye.

Buckethead – Sketches of Spain [For Miles Davis]

I love this song, flat out. It’s dedicated to Miles Davis, and his Sketches of Spain.

Sweet – The Ballroom Blitz

Most folks should know this tune: from an episode of Regular Show, to a few movies, trailers, and well. . .it’s a classic. Nowadays, we have a split show of Sweet, but of course, not consisting of all the original band members. Great tune. . .fitting for tonight!

Damien Rice – 9 Crimes

This was the first song of Damien Rice’s I came across in 2009. I’ve been a fan ever since, and I love his music. I just love orchestra pieces, and am all about that classical music flair. Granted, he does more than piano, cello, clarinet, etc. I love the lyrics of this song, and the video definitely adds the touch of awesomeness to it.

That wraps it up for this edition of Music That Inspires You. Check back next week for another round of good tunes.

Got a song and/or artist you like, and want to share? Drop it in the comments!


Music That Inspires You

It’s been a rough start of a new week, but my woes shouldn’t keep everything behind. This week I’ll share some good tunes, and then before you know it, it’ll be Friday. Get for some Deadpool!

Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Love

When the Queen rolls in, you know it’s bound to be a good time, and what better way than Crazy Little Thing Called Love? Great hit for a kickoff on Monday.

Donnie Iris – Ah! Leah!

Ah Donnie Iris. I’ve actually been listening to the cover I’d this song by Electric Six. It’s a great song, and has some kicking drums, and guitar riffs. . .and that solo. Now we just have to have a Star Wars parody: Ah! Leia!

[Just because I mentioned it. . .]

Electric Six – Ah! Leah!

Seriously, it’s a great cover!

Morphine – The Night

I bet some were wondering when I would finally post Morphine. Well, it’s here, the cat’s outta the bag.

I consider Morphine to be my favorite band [if not. . .is], and is my go to for when I’m feeling quite down. It’s a drug [music] that gives me something, to press on, and to appreciate what I’ve got [and endured].

I love the sound, the lyrics, and well. . .it’s just greatness.

It’s a shame Mark passed away, but the music lives on, and there’s still The Vapors of Morphine.

Coheed and Cambria – Welcome Home

You know. . .Coheed and Cambria remind me of another musical great—Rush. I mean, Claudio sounds similar to Geddy Lee, doesn’t he? I don’t mean spot on, just similar. . .

Anyway, Welcome Home comes storming out, pumping you right the hell up. It’s a great hit, and I like the bands vision with it (along with the graphic novel that was done parallel to it). Good stuff.

Interpol – Pace is the Trick

Another favorite of mine by Interpol. Personally, I loved Turn On The Lights, Antics, and Our Love to Admire. Which is where this track comes from.

I haven’t gotten around to listening to El Pintor, but it’s on my to do list. Just remember this though. . .pace is the trick. 😉

That wraps it up for this edition of Music That Inspires You. Check back Wednesday for more!

Got a song and/or artist you like, and want to share? Drop it in the comments!

Music That Inspires You

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time to close up, get dressed up, and get ready for Friday night. Don your finest, folks, because even though the 70’s are in the past, the music lives on—harder, and sounding better than ever!

[In case you missed Wednesday’s post]

ABBA – Dancing Queen

A europop take on american disco, and the only (allegedly) number one hit in the USA charts. It was the last of number one singles by ABBA in the UK: after Mama Mia! and Fernando. Oh. . .those Swedes. . .

AC/DC – Highway to Hell


AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long

Even though the latter song is 1980, I felt it was good to post a bridge. . .plus, you have the Bon Scott era closing on 79, and the beginning of Johnson’s era.

You can’t forget about these AC/DC songs. . .because well. . .you can’t. You Shook Me All Night Long was the first song to feature the new singer, Brian Johnson, after Bon Scott died. Back in Black I’d say is one of the prominent albums of AC/DC, but I definetly like Highway to Hell. Rest in Peace Bon Scott—keep rockin’ on!

Harry Chaplin – Cat’s in the Cradle

You can’t forget about this one. It’s a great folk rock song that I think many kids grew up listening to. Although, some may have developed a spite towards their folks. . .

Make time for your kids, and your family. Do it.

KC and the Sunshine Band

What is the way, uh huh uh huh, you like it? You gotta love that risque kind of disco. . . 😉

America – A Horse with No Name

America was banned from some radio stations in the US, because of supposed heroin references. . .but still they made a hit out of this song. Regardless, you can interpret this song however you want, but I am fairly sure it’s not about heroin. . . I’ll save you a wall of text.

Donna Summer – Hot Stuff

Ah yes, Hot Stuff which showed the bridging of rock and disco. . .and the forward motion! Plus you know. . .you want some hot stuff.

Foghat – Slow Ride

If you haven’t already heard of Slow Ride then I don’t know what to tell you. . . It’s been used in so many things. . .it’s just good times.

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band – Night Moves

The song that launched Bob from just being a regional badass to a national badass. A classic that everyone can enjoy.

Aerosmith – Dream On

I’d say this was an incredible song for a debut album. Yes, that is Tyler’s real voice. Funny how he describes being insecure about his voice. A great song, and a timeless rock classic.

E.L.O. – Mr. Blue Sky

I love this song. . .but then again, I love E.L.O. too. You’re welcome. This was eventually re-recorded and put on The Very Best of E.L.O.

In case you don’t know. . . E.L.O. is Electric Light Orchestra.

Elton John – Rocket Man

Echoing the theme off of Space Oddity by David Bowie, you have here Rocket Man. This shows that astronauts were no longer revered as heroes, but just as an everyday job. Great song.

The Cars – Just What I Needed

Who’s laughing now, Circuit City!? There’s a story there. . .but I’ll save it for later. You could also use a break, yeah, that’s just what I needed.

Bay City Rollers – Saturday Night

The day that’s coming tomorrow! Also Planter’s liked using it. . . Memorable and catchy as hell.

Ram Jam – Black Betty

“The origin and meaning of the lyrics are subject to debate. Historically the “Black Betty” of the title may refer to the nickname given to a number of objects: a musket, a bottle of whisky, a whip, or a penitentiary transfer wagon.”—

So many subjects! Personally though, I think this version is about a black woman named Betty. I also liked to play it / mash it up with Kung Pow! Enter the Fist because you know. . .Betty.

That wraps it up for this edition of Music That Inspires You. Check back next week for some good tunes and times.

Got a song and/or artist you like, and want to share? Drop it in the comments!


Music That Inspires You

As we roll on through the week, we are continuing with loving us some 70’s music. Let’s not delay, get right to it!

Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing

A classic and iconic song by none other than Dire Straits. Can you believe that it didn’t get as noticed until it was re-issued though? Knopfler also liked to elaborate the solo during live performances. . .and it got pretty fun when they got Eric Clapton to join in on the fun. Good tune, great band.

Boston – More Than A Feeling

If you haven’t heard of More Than A Feeling, well, then I dunno where the hell you’ve been. This is a rock classic among rock classics! The song was about his cousin, when he was a kid. It also took six years to write. Long time for a song. . .but hey, perfection knows no bounds. Alright, you can go back to watching Scrubs.

Billy Joel – Piano Man

Ah yes, Piano Man, another great one by the Piano Man, Billy Joel. Fun fact if you don’t know, this is actually Joel retelling his experience as. . .wait for it. . .a piano man. Fictionalized, of course, but that waitress. . .who turns out to be his first wife. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Rod Stewart – Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?

A take on Disco, since around this time the Bee Gees were dominating, and Saturday Night Fever was out, a lot of rock musicians thought they were in a “uh oh” moment. Obviously, if you don’t know what this song is about. . .then I dunno what to tell you. . .especially, about connecting dots.

The Sugar Hill Gang – Rapper’s Delight

Considered to be the song that launched rap into mainstream, and popularized it, Rapper’s Delight, helped pave the way for folks all walks of life to enjoy hip hop, and get creative with words, and word play. You can also check out the three different length versions; if you don’t prefer the long take. . .but why? It’s long. . .for a reason!

That wraps it up for Wednesday’s edition of Music That Inspires You. Check back Friday for more good times!


Got a song and/or artist you like, and want to share? Drop it in the comments!