Excerpt from Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle

What follows is an excerpt from the upcoming urban fantasy novel, Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle by Robert J. S. T. McCartney and Albert J. Debusschere III.

10♠ 13♠ J J

She glided into the empty class room, flipping on the lights and sighing in disappointment almost at once. Her jet-black hair brushed long down her back, same with her dress and skirt, with frills of ebony lace ensconced along the edges. Charcoal lipstick and eyeliner marked her face. In essence, the typical goth girl in class.

That she had even shown up was still a surprise to the two, and despite her obvious presence in the room, they could hardly believe it. It had taken them all month to convince her that she had a secret admirer, and that he wanted to meet her after school. Unfortunately, for the poor girl, they had been amassing silly string and water balloons in the normally abandoned classroom for over a week now. The only thing they wanted her to be greeted with was disappointment, as was befitting for a silly goth kid. However, this simple excitement was too much, and their giggling immediately gave away their position.

She clenched her eyes shut and spun around hissing “I know you’re there” at the office door. With no other means of escape, and the element of surprise now lost. The two solemnly filed out into the classroom, their eyes downcast, hoping she didn’t recognize them, preparing for a harsh tongue lashing. Her deathly gaze shifted from one to the other, as if to burn the images of their faces into her memory. After a dragged out second, she cleared her throat to address the miscreants. “You think it’s funny to toy with people’s lives?”

“Look, Lilah, it was just a joke.” the boy on the right croaked out.

“I’ll show you what it’s like to play with people’s lives!” she snapped back.

The dirty brown haired boy felt the hairs on his neck stand up. Unsure that if what he heard and was now feeling from the girl was real or just his imagination, but he definitely thought he noticed something, or sensed something amiss. A small touch of something seriously wrong hiding underneath the innocent girl persona, a vague hint of a malicious duality. Her right hand reached into the small purse that slung low on her side. Once it had found what it was looking for, it shot out causing the boys to jerk in fear simultaneously and then relief when they realized it was a deck of cards.

“Ooh, are you going to tell us our future with your fairy cards?” the dirty brown haired boy’s clearly oblivious friend now chided, his face lit up in a stupid grin.

“Yup. However, these are no fairy cards as you put it, these are the real deal.” Her hands began to dance, shuffling the cards rhythmically as if in an intricately rehearsed ballet. Once they were satisfied, her hand rested on the top card, and she rapidly drew four cards. “Let’s see, the first card, a king of diamonds.”

“Playing cards? What, are you gonna poker us to death?” he shot back at her.

Henry. . .” The dirty brown haired kid attempted to silence his loud mouthed friend before he could cause more trouble for both of them.

The girl they knew as Lilah allowed a smirk at the stray comment. “Next, we have the two of clubs, but that’s nothing special.” She showed the third card, “Next, a king of clubs, not too important.” She then revealed the fourth card, “Three of clubs, but that’s not important either. You see it’s always the last card that is key!”

“Look, Gary, she’s lost it. The goth girls finally gone loony. She’s. . .” His voice was cut short, what was happening now was beginning to make him question his own sanity.

The top card of the deck was moving, but not by her hand, all by itself rather. It slid up until it was standing upright on the deck, its back to the two boys. Slowly, it began to turn towards them. As this spectacle occurred, neither bothered to notice the girl’s blank face was turning into a sadistic grin, her eyes beginning to glow a dull green. As it hit halfway, the boys found they could no longer move, sense of touch had almost wholly left their bodies. The card was nearly completely facing them now and sparks of electricity arced from its corners. This card was wrong, in the corners was the number thirteen, and across the center was a series of spades.

“Black thirteen! Boys, this is where we part!”


Look for Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle, coming soon!

Note: Excerpts are not of the final rendition. Check out the final release!


Every night you are greeted by the darkness. You know it well, do you not?

It’s always been there: watching, waiting, listening. You’ve long since confided in it: telling it your woes, the atrocities you’ve faced, and the complaints of all the lies you’ve been told.

It took you in when others would not. It takes us all when we depart this mortal world. It will be there to keep us warm from the cold we will feel for just a minute.

It was in the darkness in which you found a friend. One that always was there. Attentive, alluring, forgiving, everything. . .everything that others are not, or lie to be.

All that you’ve lost is found within. Do not be afraid, friend.

It was. . .it is. . .your light.

Some Changes. . .

I’ve done a few changes to the site. It may not appear obvious to your eyes. . .but it’s there.

So what exactly was it that was done? Well, I trimmed up the menus, condensed them to more appropriate destinations, and well. . .I think it looks better. It’s not a massive cluster where you need to eye everything. So I hope that you enjoy it [as well as your eyes].

I also am going to be throwing down some outlines for a few stories later on. Whether they’re destined to be short stories or novels. . .well. . .that remains to be seen. I’ve had more ideas for novels than I have for short stories lately, which is a bit of a problem because there’s just so damn many I want to do. . .and there is only one person [hi, that’s me] to do them all. Not a problem, really, it just means I need to dedicate a weekend or whatever to churn them out. I have done a few in weekend with time to spare, so there really is no excuse. Preference in spreading them all out I suppose versus dashing through them like some over-hyped action flick. In any case, there are a lot of things for me to do, and I hope to share them with you all soon. Even if that’s about a hundred or so people.

My Batman V Superman Review

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice collectible ticket
Prepare for Mortal K. . .wait.


I did go see Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on Saturday with some friends / guildmates.

Before I start. . .I will say this: I originally had no intention of seeing this movie because of two  three four things.

  1. Ben Affleck as the new Batman / Bruce Wayne.
  2. Henry Cavill as Superman.
  3. Zack Snyder was directing.
  4. Eisenberg as Lex Luthor.

You can see those are pretty high oppositions, leading you to question why I went and saw this film in the first place. Let me explain. . .

NOTE: I love comics. I love DC and Marvel just as much / equal to any other person out there that lays claim to do so. I don’t give a damn about the whole Marvek vs. DC debacle, so get over it, and don’t insuiate in any case that I am a Marvel fanboy or DC fanboy. . .because I am not. 

As much as I thought this movie was set up to be a disastrous DC train wreck, I figured. . .in all honesty. . .it could in no way be worse than Fantastic Four. That’s not exactly high expectations to say—but hey, it’s something.

[Also not as bad as The Witch. . .because damn.]

I was against Affleck being cast as our new Batman, and the continuation of Cavill as Superman. Why? Well. . .Daredevil. . .but I honestly couldn’t really see Ben as Batman. I didn’t care much for Christian Bale as the Dark Knight, but meh, he did alright too. Just the whole voice thing was killing it for me. I was surprised though with Batfleck—and in a good way. Cavill. . . *sigh* I can’t say he’s a bad guy. I just didn’t like the direction Man of Steel took and it felt out of place. If anything it felt like it was mirroring Miracle Man in some instances. Now, I would love to see a Miracle Man movie. . .but I doubt that will ever, ever happen.

[I suggest you dig in to some search results on Google.com for Miracle Man.]

Back on point, Cavill acted great, I’ll give it to him. He did good in Man of Steel, but I think he did better this go around in B v S: DoJ. I dunno what it was, but it seemed that there was more synergy. Overall, everyone did their part fantastic. As I say, Affleck pulled off being Batman pretty damn good. So I was impressed by his performance. Cavill nailed his part. The twist for me was Jeremy Irons as Alfred. I liked the portrayal of Alfred actively helping Bruce tinker and helping him out. It’s a nice change from seeing the more traditional forms of Alfred who was just. . .the butler. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. . . I was impressed by her performance / debut as WW. I thought they were going to make her just a supermodel with Wonder Woman’s get up and flash her around the screen as eye candy like there were doing initially in this film. Nope, she did justice in the climatic fight and it was nicely done. I was a little confused with Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. . .who seemed more Joker or Riddler-isque to me, but still. I enjoyed his performance. The speeches, remarks, and, of course, the villainy. Oh, and Granny’s Peach Tea. 😉

Again, everyone acted and did their part great. It was a very entertaining film with some flaws, but that happens.

So, I’ve done the pros. . .now the cons. . . The action was pretty good. It just felt like we had this amazing build up. . .and then it kind of fizzled out. I mean, you had so many things going on all at once that was crammed into ~3 hours that should have probably been broken up into a two or three-part movie. The cameos, I felt were a bit forced, let alone the insignia of the metahumans listed on Luthor’s reports. There were numerous plot holes. . .and questionable moments. The dream sequences also at first made me walk out. The first one. I just. . .I dunno. If they hadn’t said it was a dream I was done. I get them, I do, because they explore the other variations, timelines, etc. Coolbeans. The movie in some parts felt dragged out, whereas in others it was face paced and had a good tempo going. I dunno, I felt like it could have been done better with the cast as is.

Needless to say, I was impressed and I will say that Batman V Superman is an entertaining film that’s fit for the DCU. However, it could have been better. I am still excited to see what the other films will bring us in the future. After all, it’s a great time to be a comic book fan. All these heroes on the big screen and as motion pictures. Some thought they’d never make it to such importance, let alone be of anything. It is a good movie on its own. I was entertained. It did its job. Would I give it an award? No. Would I see it again? Are you buying my ticket and my concession goods? Then sure.

So the bottom line: it’s good. Even if you wanna see it one time, or not, whatever, do what you want. It was also vastly superior to Fantastic Four, and The Witch. Although I know that’s not saying much. . .but to me that’s a lot of something. . .and I paid for that torture. Yeah. Let that sink in.

Side note. . .I miss my recliner seats at Celebration! Cinemas in Lansing, MI. *sigh*

Good Friday = Good Vibes

Another year and we’re already flying through 2016. Where time goes is anyone’s guess, but clearly it’s in the fast lane.

I’ve always noticed that time seemed to just flow on like an overcharged race car hyped up on more than just Mountain Dew. Yesterday it seemed like I was coming home to celebrate being 18. . .and now I’ll be going on 30. Cheese and rice. It’s alright though, a lot has come and gone, as it’s destined to be for us all. Normally, I’d be up all night wondering what the absolute fuck am I going to do about death and all that shenanigan shit, but eh, it happens. There’s not a damn thing you can do about it. So why lose sleep over the inevitable? Just enjoy the here and now; what you’ve got, and if some twit tells you otherwise. . .just walk away. You don’t need that shit.

Now, it’s Good Friday and well. . .make it a Good Friday! I’ve put on a playlist that’s got me in a pretty chill mood. It’s a solid straight line, in my opinion anyways. So, what’s on deck you say? Glad you asked! Here’s today’s dish. . .


You may see some repeats but that’s besides the point.

Note: I know some songs may appear mislabeled. I have more than one copy on my drives. Don’t ask why.


Death Cab for Cutie – No Room in Frame

One of my favorite songs off of Kintsugi. I also enjoyed seeing it performed live when I saw DCFC in 2015 at the Fox Theater on my birthday. It was a fantastic show. This song, along with Ghosts of Beverly Drive, Black Sun (as far as new material) always find a way to a playlist of mine. In fact, most DCFC songs find a way to any playlist of mine. Addictive stuff. In a good way.

Death Cab for Cutie – Grapevine Fires

I personally love this song. Granted, the video that plays within my own mind is different, it’s in similar fashion to which man burns with the world, but in the end it’s alright. Because nature will carry on without us, just as it did before us, and as it will after we are gone. It also gives you a sense of peace. It’s fubar, yes, but meh. It’s Death Cab. . .

Less Than Jake – The Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out / Screws Fall Out

This song is a personal one. In part because I’ve sang it to my wife whilst at my first LTJ show, while using my good friend Greg’s cell phone. . .because mine had died. To which, thanks Greg-o. I had bought this album, Anthem, and the LTJ EP. Together I took them along with her signed Losing Streak album and fashioned them into lovely picture, along with a ticket I bought her when we were not yet together. It may seem dumb to some, but it meant everything to me. . .let alone her.

This also speaks to me because it’s true. With all the nonsense life throws at you; the ups and downs. . . It’s a clusterfuck. It also let me in on the fact that you can have a lot of friends, you can also have just a few. But as time goes on people leave you. Whether it is death, moving, growing up, whatever the case. They get replaced. . .either with new ones, or they stay the same. It’s not limited to just them, but also you. . .yourself. You grow up. You change. It’s all about changing. Great back to back song.

I now have the urge to play David Bowie – Changes though.

Interpol – Pace is the Trick

One of my favorite Interpol songs right here. I get in a toe tap frenzy with this song, and just start cranking out the words.

Interpol – NYC

You’d think that with a song named NYC it’d be called. . .New York City. Nope. New York Cares. Clever. It’s also an interesting take on that the subway is a porno. Regardless, it’s a fantastic song, and I love it.

Morphine – Pretty Face

I love Morphine, what else can I say? I’ve always loved the sound, the lyrics, and Sandman. This song just reassures it 110%.

Mark Sandman – They Bent Me

A fun song by Sandman. You just have to listen to it. I find it fun to play through when I am having a guy just happening to have a shitty day.

Of Monsters and Men – Dirty Paws

I’ve liked Of Monsters and Men before they made their way over to the States for awhile, and this song was one of my favorites that stood out. I also found it a good touch when they added this song to the movie called The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It’s a great film if you haven’t seen it yet. Recommended. I just like the storytelling that is intermingled within the playback. Pretty simple.

AC/DC – Thunderstruck

This is a classic, in which case, pretty self-explanatory. Whenever I’d have World of Warcraft up, I’d have this rolling somewhere on a playlist. This was also featured when my raid group fought against the Thunder King in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Good times. You just can’t go wrong with some AC/DC.

Less Than Jake – The Ghosts of You and Me

Ah, some good old Less Than Jake. This was another favorite of mine off the Anthem album. Well, I guess Anthem was kind of the anthem of my life at that point of time. Relationships. Some last, some don’t. Some things are just better left unsaid.

[Ha. . .that’s also an MXPX song (Unsaid). . .and Daryl Hall and John Oates. OK. . .it’s a saying and there are plenty of songs with it as its title. I’m done.]

That about wraps it up. I hope everyone had a good Friday, and that you all enjoy your Easter. Whether you celebrate it or not. Have a great weekend.

Oh and just because. . .

David Bowie – Changes

So I Made a Book. . .

Cover for Lilah's Guide to Hoyle
This isn’t the final retail version. Obvious flaws are obvious.

For some people it’s no big deal. However, for me, personally, it’s a big deal. Now I am not setting out to be the next New York Times Bestseller. Granted, I’d love it, but that’s not my intent. I am doing this. . .all of this. . .all the writing, the stories, the creativity, all the pouring of my soul and very essence. . .into my stories that I’ll be sharing with everyone.

I am proud of myself, my friends that have helped, and thankful of those who’ve been critical in my ascension. Whether it was “You’re a comma whore,” or “your shit stinks, fix it,” or whatever. It’s been a stepping stone in moving on up and getting this stuff out there.

Now, we’re in a total satisfaction right now kind of movement in society. That is where you want and expect results RIGHT NOW. Some things that will work with. . .others. . .not so much.

I’ve been actively writing since late 2008 since our car accident. I’ve had my highs, my lows, and so much shit go every which way I couldn’t see straight, let alone in color. I found comfort in writing. That. . .at first. . .was one reason why I started. It helped more than confiding in family, in a therapist, or friends. You see, even though you love your friends, your family, you are still vigilant. . .still hiding behind a wall. . .in what exactly you’re willing to share. With a third party, you may tend to be more careful what you share because they could toss your ass in a loony bin and other shenanigans.

Bottom line, you hold back. You watch what you say so you don’t make others that care about you worry, and you try to please the masses. Now, I know some folks don’t give a damn about what others say, do, and so on. Good for you. Others tend to freak out over the most trivial of shit though and eventually blow it out of proportion; keep recycling it in their mind that eventually is just a horrible, horrible toxin that is poisoning you subconsciously. It’s just plain bad news. Sure, you can forgive and forget, forgive and remember, don’t, keep grudges and that variable sorted lot. . .but why?

You can do many great things in life, but if you foul up once. . .that could be what people / history remember you by. Learn to let things go. Learn to move on. Learn to cope. Isn’t that what life is about?

Though the journey may be hard (nothing is ever easy in the first place) you will encounter friends, family, and others along the way that will shape your life experiences. Knowledge is just a small part of a much bigger puzzle, and believe me, there are hundreds of thousands (if not, millions) of pieces you will amass.

So. . .bringing back to the book. It’s an experience, for me at least. I wrote it with my best friend whom I’ve known since elementary school. Thinking about it, it’s pretty crazy as to how long I’ve known him. I have others that I’ve known since I can remember. Granted, our sisters were friends prior to our meeting, so we’d like to say we’ve been friends forever.

This experience taught me a lot of things. One being that I loved to write and I enjoyed it immensely. The other, I love the supernatural; angels, demons, ghosts, goblins, David Bowie. I can’t stop wanting to learn, to evolve, to adapt. . . I can’t stop wanting to write and to fill my shelves with the books I’ve written. It’s just a fascinating and fulfilling feeling.

I’ve known a few people who’ve said that they’ve wanted to write a book, but never could. . .or lack the imagination, or some other variable that hinders their doing so. I had similar feelings at one point. . .However, mine was because it was frowned upon to submit a paper at school depicting some unsavory things, practices, and word usage—whatever it was that went against the curricular. To which I get it. You have to build kids up before you send them out to make them adults. . .the whole fledgling nonsense.

Start small. Whether it’s a few words, a few pages, a few sentences, paragraphs, whatever you gauge and deem worthy for a day, an hour, whatever have you the time to spare. Do it. Don’t let your imagination, your own creativity starve, or be shut out because you believe you lack the confidence or skill to do so. That’s why there are editing services. That’s why there is copywriting / copyediting. What you do is write unhinged, unbound, and just churn that shit out on paper (and pen) or on the computer. Go. To. Town. The whole point is this: do it. Or you could go the Nike route. Don’t wonder and then some years later have regrets.

This is why I am doing it. So I can say to my friends, my family, other folks—I am a writer. I wrote this, this, this, and this. I am working on this. So on and so forth.

Now, Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle, though it is finished. . .I still have some things to do for it. I am aiming to have it released this summer, but if I have to push it back then I will. I rather polish it up, and keep it nice and shiny. To which I’d say it’ll be released when I deem it ready to. However, I feel it to be ready—soon.
Spine for Lilah's Guide to HoyleBack cover for Lilah's Guide to Hoyle





This copy here. . .this is my blood, sweat, tears, and hours upon hours of mind movie footage that I love to play over and over, and fucking over in my mind. It’s something that I will never get tired of, and something I will gladly read to my kids, grand kids, and hope that they pass on. To some folks. . .they have a family bible. This? This right here is my family bible.

I’ll probably put up an excerpt soon.

I’ll also give a teaser of the new cover when it’s ready.

Actually, just stay tuned. There’s a lot that’s going to be taking place here real soon. It’s going to be big, it’s going to be exciting and I want everyone to be involved. I want everyone to be able to partake. . .and enjoy. . .in the adventures of Dana, Walter, Lilah, and the universe I’ve created with them. . .and so much more.

For now, I thank those that have come to follow me. I hope. . .and look forward to those that will in time, and I will not ever stop speaking my mind, nor bend to the rules. I will be different. I will be me. . .and I encourage others to be themselves. Be anything. . .but normal.


Dust in the Wind

The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God Logo

[Missed the last posts of The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God?

Click here -> Uno! Dos! Tres! Cuatro! Cinco! Seis! <- ]

Last time on The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God! Ben showed off his newly acquired battle prowess and knocked the ever-loving shit out of Albrecht, The Crimson Tyrant. After using his wannabe Pokemon-but-it’s-not-Pokemon attack, Albrecht was sent crashing into several buildings, leading the trio to believe the fight was over. However, Albrecht is now super massive, hulking, and towering over them. . .and the building in which they stand upon. Find out what happens today, on —


“You tarry on for far too long, Maker! Shut your mouth and let the fools do battle with me!” Wesker bellowed.

“Fine,” the Maker replied, “but you’re going to get your ass handed to you, and Ben will make good on his promise.”

The Crimson Tyrant laughed hysterically. “How could a pitiful, small, weak sack of flesh hope to defeat me? I am unstoppable!”

“Well, considering I already know the outcome. . .I think I’d know. . .and I am a betting man. But fuck it, what do I know?” The Maker then could be heard wandering off mumbling about incompetence and other shenanigans.

“Bear witness to my power, mortals!” Wesker bellowed once again.

The sky turned into a kaleidoscope of red, black, and yellow. Lightning shot in various directions, while the thunder rolled ferociously throughout the heavens. The sun was soon blotted out completely by the hulking crimson humongoid.

“If all you can do is play with the weather and get big. . .well. . .that’s not quite a feat.” The Bear God remarked smugly.

“Yes, yes, keep your facade of an act up, Bear God. You will meet your end the same way all the others have before. The era of The Bear God is at an end. This—this is the beginning of a new era—The Crimson Tyrant!” Wesker laughed manically as his hands reached towards the heavens.

The ground shook violently beneath the trio. Buildings crumbled, while the ground split open spewing the oppressed air of the old days that had been trapped underneath. Rubricon took note of this smell. . .

“What the hell died down there?”

“Oh, did you not know? This is a mass grave. . .several million poor saps that poured their efforts and wasted money in protecting their pathetic lives in those ‘vaults’ you believed would save your lives. Ah, how silly mankind is. . . Killing one another for a purse, a car, a hot dog. . .squabbling over spilled milk, blowing up one another over religious and political views. You are no better than a pack of wild dogs; however, that pack of wild dogs at least has order. Ah, but I digress. Allow me to introduce you to the populous in which you stand upon!”

Wesker focused his energy in reviving the long rotting dead. Groups of skeletons, corpses, and the dismembered rose from their horrible grave and climbed to the desolate city streets.

“Oh hey, a Zombie Apocalypse. Great. What I always wanted!” The Bear God smiled ear to ear.

“Yes, yes, smile all you want. . .for they will be your undoing! They will tear you to pieces and feast on your flesh. Then. . .after they are done with you and your friends, they will consume this wasteland and I will then raise everyone to do my bidding!” Wesker laughed maniacally as he finished telling his tale for world domination.

Before and all around them were millions of corpses. The odds were definitely not in their favor but they all knew how to deal with the undead.

“Go for the head! If you think you’ve killed one, make sure to go for the head again. Double tap for the win!” Sin bellowed as he began his onslaught.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. . .” Rubricon sighed.

Ben smiled to himself. He had millions to kill and this. . .this pleased him.

After some time of purging the undead and dwindling the numbers significantly, the trio began to show signs of fatigue. Wesker also had a surprise for them. . .

“Whew! You’d think that will all the shit we’ve unloaded on them there would be less by now.” Sin remarked.

“What’s the matter? Getting tired?” Wesker inquired. “I am just getting started!”

All the undead that were killed off began to reanimate, leaving the Bear God to curse in a long, long, long curse.

“Ah ah, my furry fellow. Strategy is the most important in overcoming your opponent. You should have figured this out some time ago.” The Crimson Tyrant wagged his right index finger.

“You are really, really starting to piss me off!” Sin yelled.

Again the trio began their slaughter of the undead. This time though they made sure to use more. . .efficient methods of destroying the zombies—

“We’re not using the z-ed word!”

. . .

They made sure to use more efficient methods in eradicating the walking dead. . .by vaporizing them with their energy attacks, massive bombings, and other fun ways of dispatching things that I am going to not go in to detail about because The Bear God ruined my moment of using ZOMBIES one fucking time.

“Go cry about it somewhere else! We’re a little busy here! Unlike you, you asshat!” The Bear God yelled.

“OK, you know what? How about I take away your plot armor? Let this cuntwaffle win and just say screw it? Huh?” The Maker yelled back.

“I’m fine with that.” Wesker replied.

“You shut your whore mouth!” The Maker quipped back.

Wesker’s gaze fell sadly to the ground.

“Sin, maybe you should apologize. We still aren’t even through the first season and there’s a lot of shit that we need to get done.” Rubricon added.

Sin sighed, “Fine.” He looked up towards the dark sky. ‘I am sorry.” He then spat on the ground.

There was a moment of silence. . .well, enough between the grunts, groans and killing of the undead. “Good enough. Go get ’em tiger.” The Maker replied.

The Crimson Tyrant then began a long-winded speech. “You insignificant wretched maggots! I will grind you into dust! I will put you in places you have never even thought possible! I will do things to your bodies that you thought only happened in prison movies. . .and prison! Your asses will be mine! Your souls will be mine!”

“Nope!” Ben dashed through the air and headed square for the red hulk.

One after the other, Ben assaulted the red beast with different variant water strikes: beams, geysers, jets, deluge, ice, bubbles, etc.

The Crimson Tyrant looked stunned and staggered. Ben readied for a surprise for Wesker. He hovered before the red beast and stretched his arms out far to his sides. Every inch of Albrecht’s body became encased in the massive bubble that formed around him.

“What is this? WHAT IS THIS!?” Wesker bellowed in disbelief.

Ben spoke calm and collective. “Remember when I said I would tear out your soul?”

Wesker began levitating in the air. Soon enough, he was high above the trio. His body began to convulse. Bones cracked, limbs moved in ways that were unnatural. And then. . .it happened. A green translucent image of the Crimson Tyrant was separated from his body—his soul. The lifeless body came crashing to the ground, swallowed wholly by the massive crevasse.

“What?! No!”

Ben then drew the soul to his mouth where he began to floss with it. An astounding sight really. Despite the new Ghoulish-Mirelurk Ben. . .his teeth were already quite clean. But it was a point he was making. He then swallowed Albrecht’s soul wholly. His eyes flickered a crimson haze, and he let loose a maniacal laugh. . .and then it subsided.

All the undead dropped back to their lifeless selves and were then swallowed up by the ground. The weather went back to normal, with the sun shining brilliantly. Everything went back to normal. . .

Rubricon and Sin clapped at the display of awesomeness that Ben had done.

“Great job, Ben! Well done.”

The building started to shake and rumble. It was starting to collapse.

“That’s cool and all, but since this place is going down, we need to get the shit we came for and leave. Now!” Rubricon stated.

The trio began to scan for the item that would be able to revert Rubricon to his human form. After a brief search they found it and set out to drag the “egg people” out. Behind them the building collapsed and dust billowed. One by one, the egg sacks were broken and those that were still alive were reunited with their appropriate faction. Cheers from the diverse coalition of factions were heard for miles.

A Brotherhood of Aluminum soldier spoke to the trio. “We saw the whole thing. We are truly in awe of your battle prowess and dedication to bettering the Wasteland. I believe I speak for everyone here when I say. . .thank you. Thank you, Bear God. Keep anything you came across. We’ve all grown in this time spent here. We’ve all come to share a same commonality. . .and we all seek the same goal; peace. We will venture the Wasteland and preach on your behalf, and hope that the warring factions can see the futility that is presently staked. . .rooted in our common cores, and that it will be replenished with the ideals of rebuilding this land for us all.”

The trio all looked at one another. “Uh. . .OK.” Sin said.

The group began to disband, with some shaking hands and giving one another pats on the back. As they all left and were a fair distance from the trip the most random thing happened. . .

A series of explosions erupted from all the different groups. They were all dead.

“Well then. . .that didn’t last long.” The Bear God remarked.

Rubricon examined the DNA modifier. “Guess it’s time to bring sexy back.”

Ben snickered.

“Quiet, freak! I was a glorious model worthy man. . .” Rubricon added.

“It’s true. He was a boss.” Sin also added.

After applying the modifier, Rubricon stood unchanged. “Did it work?”

“Maybe you need to do a little dance?” Sin questioned.

“I dunno. . .I. . .I. . .oh! It’s coming!” Rubricon started to convulse and grunted in pain.

“Are you taking a shit or. . .” Ben remarked.

After a few moments and a flash of blinding light, there emerged a newly formed Rubricon.

He had fair skin, his bright blue eyes sparkled under the sun. His hair was medium length—silver—and tied back tightly. He still wore his brown leather duster and black leather outfit, etc.

“I am. . .renewed!” He cried happily!

“Not quite. . .” Sin held up a mirror.

“What the—no, no!” Rubricon stammered.

He saw it. He didn’t believe it but he saw it. In the reflection was a pair of ears that stood partially erect. “Mother f—!”

The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God!