Won’t You Reconsider?

Won’t you reconsider?

We’re sorry we’re not good enough for you. We apologize if there was some mix-up, or if we were streaking through the streets. That last one we won’t apologize for because we’re free to do so. You have to be wild, baby!

You have the authority of knowing what your hard earned cash, greenbacks, moolah, monies, and so on, is going towards. With that notion, we like being transparent! Costs your donation would be going towards is site upkeep, printing of books, design, editing, food in the mouths of starving children around the world, shoes! Everyone loves shoes!

Alright, the last bits there at the end about the kids and shoes isn’t true. In short, I believe in investing in my employees, not being greedy, and helping out others just as much. I love art, not just my art, but the art of others as well; which is why I plan on doing my best to keep them thriving!

Every donation made, I will have the donor’s name on our Thank You! page, immortalized for all to see. In time, as the sapling grows, I will gladly make that a poster, sign it, and ship it out.

So please…reconsider…and if not, well then, I cannot change your cold, black heart. That’s OK, though, because the Bear God still loves you. He loves everyone, just some more than others.

[There are sad puppy eyes everywhere, oh, and sad children’s eyes. The eyes, people! THE EYES!]